First Indoor Session of the 13/14 Winter Season

Sadly, the cold weather is upon us and the indoor riding season is here. We had our first session of Winter 13/14 at Jays last night, always a good time. Can't believe this ramp has been our Winter refuge for 14 years!

Jays Ramp Photos: CLICK HERE


Cheshire Cross 2013

I've been nursing a bum ankle since our Sunset Ranch trip last weekend so I've been off the bike. I decided to switch it up a bit and head out to check out some cyclocross action today over in Cheshire. The weather was great for November and it was good to see friends kicking a$$ and taking names in their races.

Cheshire Cross Photos: CLICK HERE


Last Ranch of 2013

We took our last trip of the season up to Sunset Ranch yesterday. The place was pristine and all the lines were running fast as hell. I rode most of the day so this is all I have to show for photos...