Official Race 2 Replace Photo

So I got my hands on one of the Race 2 Replace photos off the event website. Its the start of the heat Matt and I rode in, the Mens 25-35. Sadly, I am looking down starting my heart rate monitor and computer.

Good to go! Green flag starts the race!


INTERBIKE Once Again...

So we're down to less than a month until INTERBIKE 2006 in Las Vegas. This will be my 3rd year attending the show and its looks to be a fun one. This year is the 25th Anniversary of INTERBIKE and rumor has it there is going to be a lot going on. Lolli, Steve A., Digger Davis, and myself are heading out to rep Pedal Power, TYRANT, and Ghostship. I can only imagine what we're going to get ourselves into this year...


New Design!

So on Friday night while at Turnpike Tattoo Shawn finalized the sketch for the new Tyrant fall line. Check it out, its rad as hell! and check out Shawn's website while you're at it!


Farwell to a friend!

So Mike E., one of the crew at Pedal Power for the last 5 years, is moving back to Dirty Jersey with his wife and kids. Let me tell you, we're gonna miss his antics and the killer parties he threw at the old Colchester pad. Dog fence russian roulette, red hots, lawn raking, Interbike '04, etc. Many good times Mike, best of luck back in "the armpit of America".
~The shop crew


So Bry A. and I headed down to the new Clinton Park tonight to shred the gnar under the lights. As usual, Bry comes out of hibernation and starts aping it from the get go. Here is a big fuf coming back into a 4 foot wide quarter...the photo gives it no justice...its burly! It was a good old session with Tony Photo, Brandon Wyz, and others.

Burly trickery by Arnwine - Lousy photo shooting by me! Ooops, sorry!


New Fall Clothing!

Its been a while since I've done something new with the Tyrant line so I'm stepping it up. For the fall there will be Dickies Eisenhower Jackets available with a new unreleased logo, beanies (finally!), flex-fit hats, long sleeve shirts, and possibly pants? Keep checking back for details on a release date! The unveiling of the new design that Shawn Hebrank is playing a vital role in illustrating is also on the horizon....come back soon!

The new TYRANT jackets. Coming soon!!!



The new Tyrant site is up and running. Its super simple...no fills, no thrills! I need a site that is easy for me to manage seeing I have no time between work, riding, eating, and sleeping! Enjoy and as always thanks for the support!




New England Represent!!!

So Vic Bettencourt was nice enough to call today and give me a heads up that a crazy session was going down at the Mass. Warehouse. Apparently Walter Pieringer was in town filming for Props Visuals upcoming "New England Scene Report". Don Pavelka and I headed up to ride and it was one hell of a good time. I hadn't been to the warehouse in months before tonight and it was nice to see all the old faces. Riders came out of the wood work to represent New England and insane shiat was going down!!! Don was going off as usual 360 tailwhipping the spine within the first few minutes we were there. Other shredders like Andre Postel and Eric Hennessey from Mass. and Hector "Terremotto" Restrepo and Justin Spear for CT were killing the place as well. Its nice to see so many rad riders in the northeast, the west coast gets too much exposure. They can keep their warm weather, palm trees, and plastic women...East Coast for life!!! Check out the pics at Tyrant's Flickr. They're nothing special...shooting indoor sucks with a point-and-shoot digital camera!!!

Don Pavelka with a clicked fakie turndown on the quarter


Roadtrip Video

Matt used my spare digital camera the whole trip and took a ton of photos and video. He just posted the end result of all his camera work, a rad little video of our roadtrip titled "Indy or Bust!"


More roadtrip photos

I posted some more random shots from the road trip at Tyrant's Flickr. Enjoy!

Lolli salutes Sapporo!


Shawn Hebrank has been doing some amazing new tattoo & artwork! Surf on over to ShawnHebrank.com or stop by Turnpike Tattoo and see him in person to have some work done.


Skatpark Sessions

The main purpose of the roadtrip to the mid-west was the Race 2 Replace, but Matt and I did bring our BMX bikes so we could shred all the local parks. The first park we hit was the Kokomo, Indiana Park which was outright scary!!! The whole park is over-vert and its big! I was so initimidated! Luckily Lolli was able to get a shot of me in the fullpipe before I decided I was too much of a wuss to ride there anymore. Next on the list was the Major Taylor Skatepark in Indianapolis which was really fun and had a great layout. The local riders were friendly and the session was fun. So after a few days in Indy we packed up and headed due south to Louisville, Kentucky home of the sickest skatepark in the US! I must say I was really impressed with Matt. For someone who has just gotten into ramp riding over the last year he was carving the fullpipe well and looked super comfortable on his MacNeil Deuce Deuce. The last park we hit up was Jeffersonville, Indiana and it too was very fun with a cool layout. The only bummer of the BMX part of the trip was me falling 2 days in a row on my right hip. By Saturday night I was just about limping and felt like I got hit by a truck. All in all the sessions were rad as hell! Tyrant's Photos on Flickr

Kokomo fullpipe carve. Photo by Lolli.

Matt in the Louisville fullpipe

The Race 2 Replace

So the Race 2 Replace was intense and a total once in a lifetime experience! The pace was fast as all hell and there were some brutal crashes. I finished the 25 mile race in 58 minutes and change averaging 25.4 MPH. The end result was a 23rd place finish in the Mens 25-35 age bracket. I was really happy with the result seeing it was an open field of riders with a bunch of Cat. 1, 2 & 3 riders! Matt rode really well too finishing in 50th and sprinting like a mad man down the homestretch passing 3 riders. Check out the pictures: Tyrant's Photos on Flickr

23rd place at the Race 2 Replace


Home from the road

I just got in from my Indianapolis/Louisville Roadtrip and I'm dead! No energy, need sleep, enough said!!!! Check back soon for tons of amazing picks and all the details from the best trip possibly ever! Check out Matt's Blog, the link is on the right, maybe he was motivated enough to post something. TO BE CONTINUED SOON................


Off to Indy

So Lolli and I leave for Indianapolis this afternoon and won't be back till early next week. We will both have cameras firing away to document what goes down. I will have my laptop so with any luck I'll be able to post our progress each night....if our hotel has a high speed hook up? Everyone have a good weekend, see you next week.


3rd Annual Pedal Power Stunt Show


Oh Canada!

So Blachura, the Stock brothers, and I believe a few other freeriders took off to Whistler, BC, Canada this morning. The guys are gone for 10 days, but be sure to check back for photos of some outragoeus trickery in the coming weeks. If you saw the previous post of Stock riding here in CT, you can only imagine whats going to go down in BC...the freeride/downhill Mecca of North America!


More Lolli Shots

So Matt, Pete F., and myself went on a super late night street mission a couple of weeks ago and I just got my hands of some of the photos Matt shot of me. Once again he came through with some rad shots, especially since the spots we sessioned had no lights except for the high beams of my Toyota Carolla and Matt's flash. I'm really psyched to leave on the roadtrip Thursday with Lolli, expect to see some sick photos of our trip posted next week. For now, check out the photos below and check out Matt's Blog

K-Mart rail at midnight

Bank to guard rail tail-tap near Wallyworld


Rad New Park!

So a new park opened on the Connecticut shoreline and a bunch of us headed there in the morning after we got booted from Groton. The park is pre-fab, but its a great layout with lot of big ramps. Finally something solid for a bike to ride! As usual people were killing it! We rode for a few hours and everyone went home...but we had to go back for more. So a crew of us returned from 8-10 for a night session under the stadium lights. Yes! That park is fully lit! The only downfall is its a brand new park so its infested with kids. There were at least 50 people there last night...good thing none of us care...we just bomb through the crowd! Check out the pics at Tyrant's Photos on Flickr

Steve Baklik with a huge transfer over the 10 foot channel gap


Sick Sunday Sessions!

Yesterday was an amazing day of riding! A crew of us met up at the Groton Skatepark at 7 am to session before the skaters and cops kicked up out. A ton of insane trickery went down before some stupid mother decided she was going to call the cops because there were bikes in the skatepark. If my life ever becomes that worthless, that the highlight of my Sunday if ratting out a bunch of 20 somethings on bikes for being in the skatepark, somebody please shoot me! Try reading the Sunday paper or going to church or going to breakfast; get a life you miserable F! As you can see I was and still am really heated over it!!! Anyway, check out the photos at Tyrant's Photos of Flickr The highlight of my day was the PETA sticker I had in my car....

Don Pavelka ain't right!!!

Craig Samuels with a brakeless icepick

Don inverting


Tyrant on MySpace

So I gave in and made a Tyrant page on MySpace. Tell all your friends, family, hot moms, etc. Check it out Tyrant MySpace Page

Sick Skateparks on the Horizon!!!

If you read the post before this one you'll know that on our trip to race road bikes in Indiana Lolli and I are also hitting up the Lousiville and Kokomo Skateparks. I figured I'd post these pics to show just how sick these parks are and just how stoked I am to be going! 1 week and counting down till we leave...

Lousiville Extreme Park - courtesy of skateboardparks.com

Kokomo Skatepark - courtesy of skateboardparks.com