Stunt show this weekend

If anybody is bored this weekend and looking for some excitement head up to the Tri County Fair at the Northhampton, Mass. Fairgrounds. I am heading up to join the guys from East Hampton (Mass.) Bike Shop and ride in a stunt show at the fair. The fair is like 40 minutes from Hartford, but it was fun as hell last year and this year looks to be better. Nothing like a little white trash bmxing!


PK's Dirt Jam

Tonight was PK's dirt jam and overall it was a good time. Lots of riders showed up and some great riding went down. What really pissed me off was the total lack of respect by a small portion of the juvenile delinquints that showed up. The cops showed up early in the evening to warn us about the parking situation on the road, the noise, and to make sure nothing shady ws going down. After a brief talk we were all set to ride again. Common sense would tell the average idiot that if the cops came once they won't hesitate to come again and shut the whole jam down. Well a select few jackasses decided it would be fine to rip around the yard and neighborhood on their dirt bikes which are noisy as all hell. When I took it upon myself to get PK's back and ask one of the idiots to park the bike I got nothing but "shit talk" back from him and spit in my face. Thank God for lessons learned in the past and self control, because if this happened to me back in the day Jr. would of been picking his teeth up off the ground! It really makes me sick to see how down right disrespectful and rude the kids of today are. PK is sticking his neck out letting us all come tear up his yard and ride and no appreciation is shown, just disrespect!

Bryan Arnwine with a manly fufanu


We be jammin'

Today there was a BMX Jam at the Newington Skatepark thanks to Adam and Jeff. This was by far one of the most fun sessions of the summer. There were about 2 dozen riders on hand and lots of riding, grilling, and chilling going on. Take a look at a portion of went down...

Mercenary Steve brought his table along

Pedal Power Posse holding it down

Officer Adam footjamming in uniform

Brandon Begin killing it on his 16 inch
(Little rippers like this are the future of BMX!!!)

Ryan Schmidt footplanting just shy of the coping.
(Kicking it Choquette style in the low top Vans!)


Dirt Jump Jam

Dirt Jump Jam
Tuesday August 22nd - 6:15 pm till 9:00 pm
Come get rad at the Bow and Arrow Trails
See the pics in the posting below, that is what the trails have to offer.
**Please bring a helmet!**


PK Super Session

So we had the largest session yet at PK's house on Tuesday night. About a dozen riders showed up and the jumps were is pretty good condition after the early morning rain. Take a look and see what went down...
Arnwine with a fuf on the ghetto sub box
Arnwine with a tweak over the hip
Schmidt with a tweak off the hucker
Jake with a Grizz Air? One Footer?.....?
David with a wallride


Vegas her I come....again!

So we had our "big meeting" at Pedal Power tonight and low and behold we are off to Interbike for the 2nd year in a row. Not only will we be going back to the largest bicycle trade show in the world this year, but 10 faithful shop employees will be going. I am so psyched to see the latest and greatest the industry has to offer and I'm even more psyched to see Vegas's a whole new world! You can be sure that Tyrant is going to get its fair share of exposure this year. Now that the website is up and I have a bunch of new shirts and stickers I have to promote.


Grapefruit anyone?

There is nothing like a fun session with fellow riders. Tonight we had one of those sessions in Krol's dirty backyard. Its great to just pump through the trails effortlessly; just rolling along jump to jump. Flowing through the jumps is great, but its those split second crashes, the ones you don't see coming, that end your night early and bring along a boat load of pain. I hit the first hip pretty slow...pumped the flat...and my front wheel washed out leading me to slap my right knee on the pedal, hit the dirt hard on my chest, and take a face full of soil. I hate those crashes, especially when I had both wheels on the ground and wasn't even out of control. Now I sit here writing this stupid blog entry, all frustrated because my chest has a 4" x 2" scrape across it, my hands are raw, and my right knee is literally the size of a grapefruit!