June Ranch

We were on the road at 9:30 this morning to head up to Sunset Ranch to meet the Chris and his locals and the Tables and Fables crew who were traveling over from Eastern Mass. We made it up in record time and were on our bikes riding the lines by 11....pre-noon riding is a rarity! It was a fun session at the trails, even the T&F street dudes were getting rad on the roller and wallride line. Mid-day Tony Long and his crew took off to go explore some other spots in the area and the rest of us gave it hell at the trails for a few more hours. We ended out the day chilling by the river and getting gnarly on Chris' rope swing...always a good time! It was great to see the T&F dudes again, been too long...and as always it's rad getting back to Sunset Ranch...good stuff Chris!  Sunday funday for sure!

Sunset Ranch Photos: CLICK HERE

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chris said...

i really think its pretty cool we reconnected after all these years. when things were real bad and i decided to do things right again with a shovel in hand, you guys came up to see it out. its really been a blessing having you guys coming up the past couple years, the great company, progression of our riding, christ yous guys gots your own local trails now! heres to the past two years guys! its been rad, and hopefully will remain rad and grow with your trls for years to come!