East Haddam is Open!

The East Haddam Skatepark finally opened today! The park will be open daily from 8am-sunset and there is a STRICT no peg or plastic peg only rule that the town will be noted on the park sign. Please respect the park as they've made it very clear they will not hesitate to ban violators from the premises.

I headed over to the park around 4 and to my surprise there were only 7 people there. It was good to see Randy H. and bunch of the younger local BMX guys out there getting first runs. The park is so flowy and fast, gonna be a lot of boostin' going on! The Steve's eventually showed and we rode the park till 8 or so. So psyched this place is finally open! Remember to mark your calendars, the grand opening ceremony is Saturday, July 21st from 10-11am. Please join us in honoring Hunter Daniels and Daniel Dombroski with the new park.

East Haddam Photos: CLICK HERE


Anonymous said...

now if dickbags just listened the the peg rules. said...

It's apparent nobody listened, all the ledges are busted up. At this point, the ledges aren't going to fix themselves, and they're too rough for the skaters to use, so it doesn't matter if people ride pegs on them anymore. Maybe if they did it right from the start and added inset steel like the small ledges there wouldn't be an issue. said...

P.S. If you wanna talk shit on my site don't do it anonymously pu$$y!