Finally Back at Southwick

Steve and I adventured up to the Southwick Trails to meet up with a few people yesterday. It was my first time back to Southwick since last year and my first time riding trails since my surgery. So psyched to be back on the bike! Some of the Enfield crew showed up and were blasting it like usual, Steve was dumping a nice 360 over the last set, and conditions were awesome. Nothing like a Saturday playing in the dirt!

Southwick Photos: CLICK HERE


Riding on the East Side II

It's been a year and a half, but we're doing it again. An epic one day skatepark trip hitting up some of the radest cement parks in the state! We're meeting up in Portland at 10am and making our way over to the Baltic/Sprague Skatepark. Riding should start around 11. Come ride bikes and have fun! Chuck at Daily Grind BMX & Skate will be hosting a pizza party at his shop around dinner time, prior to us riding their local Owen Bell Park. Be sure to bring your appetite and some spending cash...lots of rad stuff at DG!


New Shirt Hotness!

A bunch of people ordered shirts as part of a mass order I put in and they arrived today. Check out the hotness below! Remember, you can order your own courtesy of the ONLINE STORE link above. Thanks for the support guys!


Back at Chad's

It's been several months since we've ridden Chad's Trails. Pretty pathetic seeing they are literally 10 minutes from my doorstep! Chad's had a cast on and hasn't been riding or digging, so the place was in pretty rough shape when we arrived. After a thorough hosing with bug spray we did a little fixing up and the guys rode for a bit. It was 98 out and pretty grimy, fortunately the temp dropped as the sun went down. Looking forward to getting back on the the bike and getting some digging in at Chad's.

Chad's Trails Photos: CLICK HERE


9 Years Going!

Summer of 2002 is when the whole TYRANT thing started, 9 long years ago. Since then we've ridden hundreds of places and had one hell of a good time in the process. I'm brainstorming for next year, something off the hook for the "10 Year Anniversary". Maybe a re-release of the original shirts and mesh hats? A huge 10 year party somewhere? a TYRANT road trip? Whatever I end up deciding to do you can be sure I'll be hyping it up on here well in advance. In the meantime, the next 12 months will be a ton more riding and having fun.

Here's a throwback photo from '02 from my folks...

(NOTE: I wouldn't EVER considered riding without my helmet now days!)


Sunday Run

Good times on Sunday! Schmidt moved home from Fargo, Evan made an appearance and it was fun getting back to the run!

Sunday Run Photos: CLICK HERE


Monday Meltdown!

Bry, Brandon and I headed up to the Windsor Locks Park for a mid-day session. The sun was in full effect and the temp was 93 when we rolled into town. The session was pretty short lived due to no shade and hellish temps, but I was still able to get a few photos and a bunch of clips. Bry is running pegs again after 3 or so years without them and he's a grinding you'll see by his 40" double peg and feeble at the park. We made a brief stop at the GMP park so Brandon could say what's up to a buddy of his. The afternoon brought some much needed shade at the trails. Brandon was on a mission to land a flair and by 5:00PM he had. The local kids were boosting all the lines, big and small. Damn youngins'! All in all a fun day of riding despite the heat.

Monday meltdown photos: CLICK HERE



I tagged along with Steve to the GMP Jam in Enfield to watch the madness and shoot some photos. The day got started with the Bunnyhop Contest and Seth Bernard and Jimmy Oakes dueling for the win at 40". Jimmy finally took the win clearing the bar with a wild horizontal style hop. The Long Jump Contest was ridiculous. The wedge ramp was a solid 2' high and people were hucking themselves. The jump off came down to Seth Bernard and RJ Legault both jumping a solid 30' or so with Seth eventually taking the win at some stupid far length! Highest Air on the Hip went to James Nelson who somehow blasted 6-7' out of the 4' hip. There were two games of Footdown and Steve was the runner up both times. Bummer, the damn youngins took him out! Jimmy Oakes won the first round and a GMP local the 2nd. I'm not sure who ended up winning the Best Trick Contest? Seth somehow managed to wallride the 2 x 6 sub rail on the back of the quarterpipe and Danny Todd dumped his whole bag of tricks on the ramp! All in all it was a fun jam despite the scorching heat and no shade at all.

After the jam a ton of people went to the Green Manor Trails. With all the rain on Friday the trails were in pretty good condition, nice and tacky. People were boosting like usual, but the highlight was def Jimmy Oakes throwing down a flair/360 flip hybrid on the dirt quarter. He didn't end up landing it clean, but regardless it was nuts and he was damn close.



New Online Store!!!

I've been getting pretty fed up with the consistency of the CafePress store. One day the shirts looks mint, the next day the logos are crooked and the shirts looks beat! I made the jump to Society6 yesterday. They only stock American Apparel shirts and tees are available in 6 different colors, which is awesome! Head over to the new store and take a look at the new tees! Click on each shirt to see the color options...



Thanks Sunset Crew!

Gotta send a huge thanks out to the Sunset Ranch Trails crew for the well wishes! Looking forward to getting back on the bike and getting up to the trails soon!!


Stir Crazy!

It's been 6 days since surgery and I'm going stir crazy not being able to drive anywhere or ride. I decided to occupy some time today pimping my bikes small parts out with some blinging metallic fleck paint. Getting iced out!!!


T's Dragon For Sale

T's getting a new ride so the Dragon has to go. The whole bike is a brown and green color scheme. Hotter than any colorway complete you can buy! If you or anybody you know is looking for a smoking deal on a VERY LIGHTLY RIDDEN custom built bike with hand built wheels send them my way!

20.75" Eastern Dragon - Brown Sugar color
DK Nina Bars - Black
Shadow Conspiracy Grips - Green
FBM Top Load Stem - Green
Carbon fiber headset spacer
Eastern Internal Headset - Black
Tectro Brake lever - Black
Tectro 990 Brakes - Black
FIT Stock Forks - 3/8" - Black
Primo Powerbite Cranks - 180mm - Black
Animal Hamilton PC Pedals - Clear Green
Shadown Conspiracy Crow Sprocket - 28T - Green
Animal Seatpost Clamp - Green
Shadow Conspiracy Post - Black
Shadow Conspiracy Pneumbra Seat - Green & tan pattern
Odyssey Hazard Lite Cassette Rear Wheel - 10T cog - Chrome rim
Premium Sealed 3/8 Hub laced to Primo Hula Hoop Rim - Black
Primo Wall Tires - 20 x 2.10" - Black

Worth over $1,150.
Asking $500!

I could part this out an easily get $500 for the parts on Craigslist, but I'd prefer not to waste my time and effort!

Photo to come soon. I can't lift over 10 lbs. due to my injury thus can't get the bike off the hanging wall rack.


Out for A While

Sorry for the lack of updates, it's been a rough few weeks to say the least!

I haven't been feeling well since early June and it all came to a head last weekend when I spiked a 102 fever and was doubled over with severe stomach pains Sunday night. Being the hard head that I am, I fought the pain and sickness for 3 days till Wednseday before T encoraged me to seek medical attention. The initial thought by the doc was Lyme Disease until an abdominal CAT Scan was ordered. After the scan I got hit with the news that my appendix was possibly perforated and about to rupture and I needed surgery ASAP. I left the clinic I was at and reported to Middlesex Hospital where I went under the knife Wednseday afternoon to remove the appendix and some toxic fluid around the area. Come to find out I also had a small tear in my intestines that they found while they were Roto Rootering my insides! Damn, my gut was all messed up. Word is if I hadn't caught it when I did I would of been in serious dead!!!

I spent a few days in the hospital so they could monitor me and be sure the antibiotics were kicking in to prevent internal infection. I'm basically on house arrest till my follow up on July 11th. I'm on 2 heavy meds and can't drive my car or do anything active...besides short walks. I've already been told I'm officially off the bike for the better part of July. I'll be looking forward to shooting lots of photos and video in the coming weeks to prevent me from going insane!!!