R.I.P. Chicopee Ramp Farm

It was brought to my attention by Vic at Circuit BMX that Ramp Farm/The Mass. Warehouse (however you know it) has been torn down and is being moved to a new location. I was literally stunned as I read Vic's post and my stomach sunk seeing the photo below. I heard the warehouse was closing but I didn't think moving day would be so soon! It seems like yesterday that MSC closed and Crabb and I were helping move ramps to the Chicopee location. I was paying rent for sometime when Burger, Peter, and Greg first opened the doors to Ramp Farm, but sadly over the past few years my work schedule has become hectic and my visits to Ramp Farm were limited to once every few months or so. Props to all the guys that contributed to making the Chicopee Warehouse a major success and an awesome place to ride/hang out. I have so many photos, so much video footage and so many great memories of that place. One can only hope that the new Ramp Farm is equally as amazing!

R.I.P. Ramp Farm / The Chicopee Warehouse

Photo courtesy of Circuit BMX


Circuit BMX

Check out Circuit BMX. It's a new BMX & skate shop opening in Pawtucket, Rhode Island owned and operated by Vic Bettencourt. Vics a rad dude and I'm sure the shop is going to kick a$$. The building the shop is going to be located in is called The Grant and it looks like a happening place. Be sure to road trip it over to Rhode Island this spring and scope out Circuit BMX.

There is now a Circuit BMX link on the right hand side of the page and its there to stay.

Support your local bike shop! NOT MAILORDER COMPANIES!!!
Mailordering parts is a kick in the nuts of your local bike shop! If mailorder has it your local shop can get it too! Just ask!!!


More rad Hebrank art!

So Shawn has an amazing piece of artwork for sale at Fat Zombie which you should go check out. There will be more pieces to follow in the near future, but for now go grab a print of "Death Song" and support Shawn and his work!...and while you're at it stop by Turnpike Tattoo and make an appointment with Shawn...or any of the great artists there!!!

"Death Song" by Shawn Hebrank


Gave in to Old Man Winter!

So I gave in to Old Man Winter and hung up the bikes for the weekend. I headed up to Jiminy Peak to do a little 2 planking and the conditions were amazing! It snowed the first 2 hours we were there laying down a fresh coat of powder. Once the snow showers cleared it was bright and sunny the rest of the day. So much for hating winter and being fed up with the snow....I had a hell of a good time today! Back on the bike tomorrow.


Mailorder TYRANT merch!

You can now mailorder TYRANT merchandise via TYRANT's MySpace Page (and soon from our website.)


Cold, Cold Clinton

So a few of us met up at the Clinton Skatepark today to ride....despite the fact it was 30 degrees out. It was a pretty short lived session, about and hour and a half, but it was fun to get outside on the bike. The past few weeks of deep freeze have been hellish. Check out the few shots I took at TYRANT's Flick.

Craig Samuels footjamming


NEW Bags & Bandannas!!!

Check out the new TYRANT Bags & Bandannas. I'm not sure what to call the bags? Gear bags, tool pouch, camera bag, pad bag, man purse, sachel???

Bag Details:

-12" x 8" x 4"
-100% Cotton
-2 snap closure
-Nylon lined main compartment with smaller 6" nylon zip pocket inside
-Nylon adjustable carrying strap with plastic buckles
-Ultra light weight
-100% Rad!

The TYRANT camo. bandannas are in stock as well! Get one, $3.00!

Support the Shac 7

This isn't bike related...but I don't care! It is important to me...mainly cause TYRANT supports Vegetarianism/Veganism and Animal Rights.

TYRANT supports The Shac 7 and you should too!
Yet another incident showing how twisted the American Government and Judicial System are!!!


Bird Flu?

I'd like to send a good luck message out to Shawn Hebrank as he is going for some medical testing today. As some of you may know Shawn leads a crazy healthy lifestyle being vegan, drug & alcohol free, anytime he sees a doctor it spooks me. Hope its not the Bird Flu dude!!! I'm sure all will be well!

UPDATE 11:34am: Shawn sent me an e-mail and all is well! He doesn't have the Bird Flu!


We've gone gangster!

TYRANT camouflage bandannas will be available next week for $3.00.
Keep your face warm in this frigid weather, wipe sweat when riding indoors, protect your lungs from spray paint fumes, look like a hoodlum....whatever your use is!

Shopping cart for online ordering off our MySpace page and the TYRANT website coming soon!!!!

PROPS to Don Pavelka

Props Video Magazine released their latest issue #63 which includes a huge section titled "New England Scene Report." Tons of local riders are featured including TYRANT shredder Don Pavelka, who has a few very rad clips. Get over to PROPS and order a copy of the DVD today! It is well worth the money!!! Check out the trailer below courtesy of PROPS.


R.I.P. Ramp

I got word that the Begin's are moving and Tiny Tyrant's mini ramp is coming down. No worries, they are still going to be in the same town here in CT, just a new location. One can only hope that whatever they decide to build at the new home is equally as bad a$$ as the mini they've had. Thanks to Steve and Brandon for all the good times sessioning the ramp and letting me come ride whenever I wanted. It's been a good old time watching Tiny Tyrant evolve over the past few years on that ramp. It seems like just the other day that he was thrilled to drop in on the 7 foot he's basting tables 4 feet out of it. Best of luck with the move guys, call me if you need any help and I'll round up the troops!!

Brandon extending a gnarly fastplant on his home ramp