Hudson Park

I was in Mass. visiting family for the weekend in the vicinity of the Hudson Skatepark. I had planned on hitting up the park on Saturday, but it rained like hell! Oh well, looks like we'll have to road trip up soon. The bowl alone is worth the trip!!

Hudson Skatepark Photos: CLICK HERE


All Trails

So all we've been riding is dirt lately. Gas prices are on the rise and Chad's trails are only 10 minutes from my place! Steve got rad on the Tombstone Kicker, glad it's running well.

Chad's Trails Photos: CLICK HERE


Chad's Trails Revisted

We hit up Chad's Trails yesterday and they've been rebuilt in the past 6 months since we were last there. The line is tighter and smaller than it was before, but crazy flowy and fun. Rumor has it things will begin to get built up more and more as the weather get nicer. Steve manned up and was giving it hell on the mountain bike bridge drop. Good times for sure...and the trails are only 10 minutes from my doorstep!

Chad's Trails Photos: CLICK HERE


April's a Drag!

April showers in full effect that past 3 days straight! Looking forward to May, warmth, sunshine, and trails!



Middletown Skatepark Progress: 4/5/11

Despite some set backs it looks like the crew is making progress at the Middletown Skatepark. It was raining like hell today, but some makeshift tents were set up and the concrete was flying. Rumor has it the park will be done sometime this month.


Park, Trails, Street Sunday

Steve, Bry and I hit up the Middlefield Park for a half hour yesterday morning. The place was empty and fun to pump around. We met up with Sean Milnes and Chris Piascik and headed down to some trails South of Middletown mid-day. The local kids were cool and the place was pretty fun, it was nice to ride some dirt for the first time in 2011. It was fun to ride with Sean and Chris, it's been too long! Riding trails also got us inspired to start digging and getting things in order on our end. New trails in the works, should be a fun set up! We topped off the day with a little street riding at a local high school. It was a pretty ideal day of riding, a little park, trails, and street and everyone had fun.

Sunday Photos: CLICK HERE