Happy New Year...go ride Bristol!

So as of January 1st bikes are permitted in the new Bristol Skatepark 3 days a week. I'm not sure what the exact weekdays are but I know Saturdays all day are fair game. I'm heading over to Bristol on Saturday to ride with hopes of meeting up with Schmidt, Tiny TYRANT, and dragging Arnwine out to shred. Come ride!

REMEMBER: NO PEGS, unless they are plastic and STAY OUT OF THE BOWL!


Another New Skatepark in CT!!!

So Killingly, CT has built a new free-form cement skatepark that looks rad as all hell! Check out this quick video I stole from the Trails Rule Blog. I'm pretty sure that is Daily Grind Chuck in those photos?

NOTE: This is Killingly out near Norwich, not Killingworth right near us!

Back to the Grind

Sadly, I'm back in the states and back to work after an amazing trip to Ireland. I shot hundreds of photos which you can check out HERE. I brought back a harsh cold...what a great souvenir! No riding for me this week, resting up and getting well!

Apparently the Bristol Skatepark meeting held last Tuesday was somewhat successful. Word on the street is that bikes are going to be permitted into the street section of the park 3 days a week, but no metal pegs are allowed. I would of liked to see bikes be allowed everyday, but at this point anything is better than nothing. Read the Bristol Press article HERE for all the details. Remember kiddies, no bikes in the bowl and get some plastic pegs!!!