Well needed rest...

So I am out for 2 weeks letting my "rod" settle in my skull. No biking or anything else active....I'm already going stir crazy! Check out the cool X-Ray. The titanium implant is 13mm long x 4.3 mm wide. Counting the 3 Ti screws in my knee I now have 4 titanium pieces in my body!


Get well "Digger Davis"

Just wanted to send a get well out to "Digger Davis" and remind all you kids to wear your helmets!!! Digger is one of Pedal Power's finest and late Tuesday night while throwing some trickery down off a loading dock he almost did himself in. I thought my crash back in October was harsh, but Davis topped me for sure! Concussion, 7 stitches in the forehead, 3 under his seriously blackened and swollen shut left eye and major road rash all over his face, head, and neck! BMX is fun as hell, but you never know when you're going to take it hard! No worries though, Digger is hardcore and he was back at the shop today....just sporting the mummy look (I was lucky enough to catch him between bandage changes). He'll be back on his bike in no time, Digger Davis never rests! SOOT!

Still in one piece, but barely!!!


Finally made it to P. Krol's

So I finally made it to P. Krol's, haven't been since the new line and quarter pipe went up. Blachura was blasting as usual and Pete was flying pretty high himself. Dave didn't pull out any backflips today because he was riding with a blown apart bottom bracket...yet he was still airing 10-12 feet up off the wooden booter! The line is sweet and its only 1/4 of the way done. The hip/roll-in, new 6 pack, satellite wallride, and spine haven't even been put in yet. I shot a few photos, check them out at Tyrant's Flickr. I apologize that the action shots are a tad blurry, I still don't have my new camera dilaed in! Soon though!

Dave Blachura with a nice "Squirrel Seat-Grab". Its the hottest trick in Poland right now and Dave is bringing it to the US with dialed style!


Surgery #3

So I'm headed under the knife again! This being the 3rd surgery since my nasty crash back in October. Tomorrow they will be implanting a 6mm titanium rod into my skull....not so fun! To make a long story short I will not be riding BMX for the next week or so. I have to wait till I get my stitches out and the implant settles into the bone. Even though I can't ride I plan on shooting a lot of film, so call me if you are riding next week.


Rain out!

So I really wanted to ride BMX this weekend, but Mother Nature has other plans. I'm protesting gas prices so I am not driving anywhere far to ride, and all the nice indoor parks are out of state, so it looks like I am going to have to settle for watching BMX DVD's instead. Last week we had a great gathering on my patio to ring in the Spring season with a fire and all (well we lit a bonfire in my 18" Weber Grill), this week its under water...check out the photo. Keep checking back for photos of P. Krol's Dirt Mecca in his backyard. I here its off the hook this year and Dave Blachura learned backflips...does he stop progressing?!?!? Ride your bikes and have fun doing it!

My patio table is a lake! No patio party at the "Tyrant's Lair" this week!


Riding other bikes, other places

I received a few e-mails and messages on MySpace this week from fellow riders complaining that I haven't been at the parks much lately, and asking if I am still riding. I have ridden 12 out of the last 14 days (probably more than you guys that felt the need to harass me.) If you know me personally you know that I don't just ride BMX. In the Spring and Summer months I am also an avid "Spandex Jockey" (road biker) and mountain biker. I have a new mountain frame on the way and I'm looking to get back into mountain bike racing a bit this year, something I did a ton in my later high school days and into college. BUT I am still shredding the BMX bike, so no worries. I rode street twice last week and hit up the Newington and Wethersfield Parks with Craig Samuels and Garrett P on Saturday.....despite the fact I was coughing up my lungs! In addition, I live a half hour from most of the parks and gas prices are high as hell, so I've been riding local spots. So to all you fellas who think I'm not riding, CHECK YO SELF FOOLS! Call me, IM me, MySpace message me, E-mail me, send a smoke signal, or even a carrier pigeon if you wanna ride. I ride daily!


Random Photos

Just about everytime we go out riding I shoot photos, but they aren't always BMX photos. I never post the random photos; the artsy, unusual, creative shots. I haven't ridden in the past couple days because I'm battling off a wicked chest cold, so I've been sorting through some old photos. I came across a few pictures that I thought were kinda neat and decided to share them. I know they aren't Tyrant BMX related, but each photo was taken when I was out riding my bike...that's gotta count for something? Check them out at Tyrant's Flickr.


Sunday Spring Session

So we couldn't of asked for better weather today, it was gorgeous and we rode for 7 hours. There was a posse of BMXers at the Wethersfield Park, at one point I think we had at least 12-15 of us there owning the place! Some rad stuff went down like Schmidt blasting airs from the quarterpipe to the hump going mach speed and Tiny Tyrant shredding the bowl and airing out of the deep end a sick! Seeing I was psyched on the weather I mainly rode today and only took a few photos. Check them out at Tyrant's Flickr.

Were you airing out of 8 foot deep, over-vert bowls at age 11?
"Tiny Tyrant" Brandon Begin is!!!



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