Willi with the Mass./T&F Crew

A bunch of dudes from Mass. came down to ride the Willimantic Skatepark yesterday. I figured Tony Long had 1-2 people with him, I'd was def surprised when 3 car loads of dudes showed up. We rode Willi for 3 hours and then made our way over to Baltic for another 2. Everyone was having a good time, guys were feeding off one another and throwing some rad stuff down, and most importantly a lot of fun was had! Love BMX day trips!!

Willi/Baltic Photos: CLICK HERE

This video does it no justice! Pete Henkel hucking a huge 20 ft. gap!


Combs & Smith at Willi

Romb Combs and Eddy Smith, 2 young RI rippers, made the trip over to ride the Willi Park today. I met the guys over there around 10 and the place was empty all morning! Those dudes were maching it around that park! Getting rad on everything. Sadly, my flash broke so the photos are straight up natural light and kinda shotty. Looking forward to getting some great pics next time around!

Combs & Smith at Willi Photos: CLICK HERE


New Year's Facelift

I gave the site a minor face lift today. Enjoy the new look!
Ignore the big blank space on the right side as you scroll down, that will soon be filled with ads.  Call it selling out, but if I can generate a little income from the site it will allow me to ultimately bring more product to you guys!


Chilly Willi

Rode the Willimantic Park with some of the Fat Trax dudes again. It was pretty chilly and by the time I got there those guys had already put in 3 hours of riding. None the less, good times!

Matt Horak throwing the bars on the mega wedge. Shot by Greg Rooke or Dave Drury?


Truckers at Fat Trax

For all you Mass. dudes that messaged me wanting an embroidered trucker hats...Fat Trax has them in stock. Get on over to the shop and grab a cap!


Back to Willi

It's been about a month since we've ridden Willimantic, far too long! Bry and I headed over to the park today to meet up with Matt Horak and Greg Rooke. Of course, we thought the place would be dead on a Monday, but we roll up at 10am and there were 9 people already there. None the less, we got in some serious riding....5 hours worth...and I didn't snap a single photo! Tom Kalmanidis snapped the below photo cause he "loves 80's tricks". Long live the abubaca!


Saturday Sub

Jake built a sub-box and brought it over to the Crompton Park yesterday. In typical Jake fashion, he proceeded to empty his bag of tricks on the box right away...270 to smith, fuf, icepick, etc. The highlight of the afternoon was def. some little kids that felt the need to jump the fence into the town garage yard and steal a shovel to dig trails. Any of us that have ridden the park have seen the signs claiming the area is watched on hidden camera. Well those signs are not a joke! Within 3 minutes of the youngin' jumping the fence a cop cruiser was flying into the parking lot. Damn kids!

Jake Sub Photos: CLICK HERE


T1 Radness!

I got word a few weeks back that a photo I shot of T&F Tony Long was gonna be featured on the Terrible One site. Tony shot me a FB message today that the article was up, pretty rad...