Random Wayside Jam

I got a call from Schmidt today giving me a heads up that a bunch of riders were hitting up the Wayside Trails this afternoon. It was the rush to get in some riding before the storm...seeing we're due to get hosed with rain this weekend. So I bit, and headed over to the trails, and sure enough a dozen plus dudes showed to get rad. A super random Thursday night jam session at the trails. Summer status to the max. BMX!

Wayside Trails Photos: CLICK HERE

Squatchville Running Nice!

Tonight was the first legit session over at the trails. We had 4 of us riding and the 3 lines were running pretty nicely...even if the High Life line only has 1 jump and a landing-less drop as of right now. Really looking forward to the months ahead...Squatchville!

Squatchville Photos: CLICK HERE


A.M. Dirt

Steve and I both randomly had today off so we headed out to Squatchville for a little morning dirt. It was humid as hell, and pretty dry and crumbly, but we got some runs in on the roller line. Steve took the maiden voyage over #2 in the green line, a pretty gnarly 16 footer that kicks to the right. It took a few attempts, but he was landing it clean in no time. We decided to do a little digging on a berm that's under construction, but Mother Nature had other ideas and absolutely dumped on us. Nothing like sprinting 400 yards through the woods in monsoon rain pushing a bicycle with $3,000 of camera equipment on your back. Soaked to the bone by the time I reached the car! None the less, good times!!

A.M. Dirt Photos: CLICK HERE


Portland Needs a Park

For those of you that don't know, TYRANT is based out of Portland, Connecticut. For almost 8 years now the town has been without a skatepark, and the previous 2 parks they did have were epic failures. I'll give the town credit, they were one of the first to put in a pre-fab cement park back in the late 90's, but man was it horrible! Several years after that park was torn down due to construction at the school where it was located, a new wooden park was built on a local tennis court. This park had some potential, but the town felt the need to make it supervised, charge admission, and ban BMX...yet another epic fail! I'm not sure what resulted in the end of that park, but I'm sure their strict guidelines and the park attendant getting caught selling dope to kids didn't help.

So here we are, 2012, and the town just got a $230,000 grant which they intend to "satisfy the communities need for athletic fields". That's some BS if I ever heard it! This town has dozens of fields, some are even lit for night use! It's time to raise awareness that we don't need more tennis courts, more baseball fields, more soccer fields, and another playground in town! We're not asking for all the money, but put some toward a skatepark!



East Haddam Moving Fast!

Paprocki and crew are moving at light speed over at the East Haddam Park. So psyched to bomb around this place when it opens!


Cinco de Sunset

Steve and I headed up to Sunset Ranch yesterday to ride some bikes and meet up with some old friends. Chris has that place pretty dialed, it's mind blowing how much it has grown in 2 years. The riding conditions were perfect, it wasn't too hot, and everybody was getting rad. BMXicans!

Sunset Photos: CLICK HERE


Squatchville Upper Section

Steve and I have been putting in some serious time at Squatchville. Here is a glimpse of the upper section...