Steve found a new trails spot and has been slinging some serious dirt. I got down there the other day to lend a hand and the place is coming along nicely. We've dubbed the spot "Squatchville", as it's in some dense pine forest, there is a ton of wildlife, and we're always hearing crazy woodland noises!


First Dirt of 2012

We rode the Deep River Skatepark for several hours yesterday, then made out way to Bongi's to check out his new dirt set-up. As usual with those Haddam kids, the line is pretty wild! Despite the place being bone dry and crumbly, a few of the guys were going at it. Looking forward to riding here when the place is packed.

Bongi's House: CLICK HERE


New Trails

Steve found a new trails spot....downhill, 30 yards from a brook, and most importantly no Poison Ivy! Looking forward to putting in some serious shovel time this Spring!


Tables & 2x4 in CT

Met up with Tony Long and the T&F crew today and to our surprise Van Homan and some of the 2x4 guys came along for the day trip. We started off at the Middlefield Park and the local skaters weren't too psyched. Eff em! We rode and dudes were having fun. Mid-day we headed over to the snake run and people were stoked. That place truly is a gem! Everyone was getting rad, taking white knuckle bomber runs, and having a good time. There were a few casualties, but nothing my zip loc bag med kit couldn't patch up. We topped the day off down at the Deep River Park and Van Homan owned the place jumping the humps....then throwing a turndown over them. All of us have been eying that up for years, I was psyched to see it go down. All in all it was a fun as hell day with a bunch of great people. Thanks to the T&F guys for venturing over 2 hours once again and thanks to the 2x4 guys for making a pit stop in CT. Always good to ride our local places with new faces.

Tables & 2x4 in CT Photos: CLICK HERE


Deep River at Dusk

Haven't ridden in 2 weeks and haven't posted in a long time. I'm back to working a day job and I've been busy and hell! Sorry folks!

Met up with some of the Mercenary crew at the Deep River Park to get rad for an hour+ before dark. Good times for sure! Really looking forward to the time change Sunday. Bring on that daylight!!

Deep River Photos: CLICK HERE