Pimp Yo Ride!

Got some new TYRANT window decals in. They're 6" long x 1" tall, silver, and are selling for $3.50. If you're interested, give me a shout on the Facebook page.


Fit Through the Winter

Cold weather and snow are just around the corner and it's time to start thinking about staying active and fit this Winter. Sure, we'll be doing a good amount of skiing and still riding Haven a lot, but when it's 10 degrees out you still gotta get that cardio. The typical Winter workout of years past has been 24 oz. curls down at eli cannons, but this year we're focusing on getting fit for Spring. I picked up this little gem off of Craigslist for $20. If it's good for Tony Little, it's gotta be awesome...right? TYRANT Gazelle Team coming soon!


It's Just Another Lot Jam

Yes sir, another Lot jam and this one looks to be the last of the 2010 outdoor riding season and possibly the last one EVER! Plans for the Lot in 2011 are up in the air but it's very likely that the property will be sold in the Spring. I don't care what plans you have on November 6th, cancel them!


Fargo or Bust!

Schmidt hit the road today heading to his new home in Fargo. Good luck dude!


Good Luck Schmidt!

Yesterday was the Wayside Trails Jam in honor of Schmidty, he's packing up and moving to Fargo, ND on Thursday. Thanks to everyone that came out and rode, it was a really good time and a great send off for Ryan. The past 10 years have been a hell of a good time riding with Schmidt. Lots of fun memories and so many places ridden. We wish him the best of luck in the Mid-West!

Wayside Trails Jam photos: CLICK HERE


Middletown Skatpark Update

I wasn't able to attend the skatepark meeting due to work obligations, so all this info is 2nd hand from two people that did attend...

The plot of land isn't being developed solely for a skatepark, riders and skaters need to realize that. A small skatepark is being built as part of a larger public park, but there will be space for passive recreation, a garden, and potentially a small play scape for younger children. There is no possibility of changing the skatepark location because the park is being paid for by the energy company. That plot of land is the only space that they are willing to fund development of. If they don't build a skatepark there, the town won't get one at and all the money will be used to build a public garden on the plot of land. The park cannot be expanded or dug down any due to buried pipes and the bordering apartment complex. Apparently the bowl corner seen in the picture below only has 3' trannys. The park builder is working to get the town to approve them being built up to 4' which would require a little expansion of the deck space. Basically what it comes down to is beggars can't be choosers, at least M-Town will have something. The park is slated to be done by the end of November so some sessioning can take place before the snow comes.


TYRANT on Bern

Props to Dave Blachura for "officially" being recognized as a Bern Team rider! The new Bern site launched recently and a photo of Dave hucking a flip off the first hit at The Lot is featured on the MTB Team page. Good stuff!



Craig Samuels Bike Check

Craig reported in from San Fran and this is his current set-up. To be honest, I didn't even know if Craig had a BMX bike anymore cause he was ripping it on his fixie for so long. Craig asked that I stress the fact that this is a custom build, despite the fact it looks like one of the new Sunday completes. It's the real deal, hand built suckas!

Frame: Sunday! Funday Brakeless - 20" TT
Fork: Odyssey Dirt
Stem: Shadow Conspiracy
Bars: Animal Piff
Grips: Animal Edwin
Seat Clamp: Kink (hella old)
Seat/Seat Post: Eclat
Cranks: Profile
BB: Shadow Conspiracy
Sprocket: Tree 26T
Chain: Shadow Half (black)
Pedals: Odyssey Twisted
Hubs: (F) Vandero (R) Hazard Cassette
Rims: Odyssey Hazard Lite
Tires: (F) Fit 2.30 (R) Animal GLH 2.25
Pegs: (F) Kink Light (R) Animal Light

Photo by Terry B


Sending Schmidt Off!

So Schmidt is actually doing it, he's moving to f-ing Fargo! We all wish him the best of luck and we're gonna give him a send off jam this Sunday the 17th from 2-dark at his home trails. Come on out to the Wayside Trails and get rad with us! Costumes are encouraged cause it's that time of year. Last years jam here was awesome and dozens of riders showed up. Let's make this one hell of a last run for Schmidt!!

Ten Ten Ten!

Yes, it was 10/10/10 and we rode our faces off. Bry, Jake, Sean Milnes, Jay O. and I rode the Guilford Skatepark for a few hours. The park is a fun layout and the movable bench and picnic table make for great sub box and wall ride set-ups on the decks. Sean was getting rad on his fixed gear and making me it's gotta be scary pulling tricks like that fakie wallride while you're feet are in pedal straps! After the park Jay, Bry, and I headed up to the Wayside Trails in Berlin and met up with Schmidty and Mercenary Steve to do some dirt jumping. The trails were running really nice and that place is always nice...cause the soil is moist and it's woodsy and shady. We rode the main line for a bit and decided to get in a few runs down at The Lot, so we beat feet over to Middletown. All in all it was a super fun day with 5 hours of solid riding. I really needed that fresh air and on bike time after last weeks puke fest!

Ten ten ten photos: CLICK HERE



Middletown Skatepark Meeting

Click the photo to enlarge

Image courtesy of Pedal Power

Skaters Edge

I rode Skaters Edge Sunday morning with Jake and his buddy Ryan and the place was dead, like 10 people in the entire park. I threw some metal pegs on for the first time in almost 2 years and had fun hitting up the ledges and few small rails. Jake was hucking himself like usual and he and Ryan were putting the foam pit to good use trying to hone in huge tricks. Jake's day was cut short when he landed hard and snapped the guts of his alloy seat post...that was less than a day old. I'm not super fond of the street course and Skaters Edge but it was fun since I hadn't been in years. A solid Sunday morning session for sure!

Skaters Edge photos: CLICK HERE

Back Online

Sorry for the lack of posts, I was away in Rhode Island for the weekend then got sick as hell Sunday night. The past 2.5 days have been brutal battling a vicious stomach bug. Barf! I'm still super weak and running on empty so I'll be recouping the rest of the week keeping it on the DL.