This is legit!

New park coming to Stamford, CT in the near future! Check it out!

BMX in Beijing

BMX will make its debut at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing next August. The track layout for the race was just released by the UCI, check it out! It looks burly!!!


More Newington

Wow! Today was gorgeous; a perfect day to spend at the park. After work I headed over to Newington and plenty of riders were there shredding. Spring has arrived!!!

Jeff Sylvester (aka "Sly Fox") with a sunset downside icepick

My new ride

Thanks to Vic at Circuit BMX I'm riding one of six Limited Edition 20.75" Silverback FBM Deployers. I've been riding a 21" for 5 years now and its time for a change.


Spring sessions are here!

Today was the 1st skatepark session of the Spring season and it was a good old time (even though we didn't get out to ride till 3pm). The Begins, Garrett Pyskaty, Jordan Harrington, Ryan Schmidt, Ryan Howard (skater) were all at Newington shredding. The weather was great, the air temp was perfect and I can't wait for dozens of sessions like today in the coming months. I shot a ton of film, these guys were going off!!! Please check 'em out at TYRANT's Flickr

Garrett Pyskaty with an invert

New for Spring

Warm weather is fast approaching so I've got some new t-shirts available. Look rad this Spring, rock TYRANT!
Mailorder via TYRANT's MySpace or find me at the local skatepark.

Electric Blue on Grey "Graffiti" Shirt

Puke Green on Poo Brown "Racked" Shirt


New Park...but NO BIKES!!!

The new indoor skatepark Vertigo has opened in Brookfield. CT shredder Mike Macisco helped build the park...but I caught word that they're aren't permitting bikes. If you're bored call/e-mail the park and tell them they should start letting bikes in! Nobody likes haters!

The Chee hits 200,000

After countless bike related road trips over the past 10 years, The General Chee has reached (and now exceeded) 200,000 miles. She's taken fellow riders and I to East Coast Terminal/FBM Ghetto Street Jam 3x, Louisville 2x, Florida 2x, Chenga 2x, Indianapolis and even Montreal....just to name a few of the bigger trips.
300,000 here we come!!!

New TYRANT retailer

Many thanks to Mike at Fat Trax in East Long Meadow, Mass. for supporting TYRANT. Fat Trax is now stocking TYRANT merchandise! If you are up in the area check out the tons of snowboard, skate, and bmx stuff they have. Also, have a look at the rad Fat Trax MySpace Page.



Word to the wise, get down to Pedal Power. The new upstairs pro shop is open and the rest of the place looks the sickest it ever has!!! Tons of BMX swag in stock, including Animal, Shadow Conspiracy, Primo, We The People, TYRANT, Ghosthip, etc. Stop by on Saturday and say whats up, I'm there all day!!!!


News from Florida

Not a whole lot to report from Florida. We rode the Fort Meyers Park on Monday night and it was really fun. The park is chock full of ramps and rails and the lines are endless! There were some local shredders going off, take a look at the photos. It looks as though we are going to ride street tonight and maybe a few more parks before the trips end. Check back for more photos later in the week.

Fort Meyers Skatepark

Local Josh with a pedal stall to 270

Local Josh with a subrail fufanu


South bound!

I'm headed South on a roadtrip/vacation so check back here daily for updates on where I am and what riding had gone down. I'm looking to hit up some new parks and discover some new street spots as the trip progress'. I'll be posting photos and videos as often as I can. There will also be random photos posted on : through these eyes, my personal blog.
Talk to you all next week!


Flatland Josh

For those of you who don't know Flatland Josh (Josh LaRosa) he's a rad dude and has been supporting TYRANT since day 1. Josh designed and manufactured the TYRANT bar ends and seatpost clamp that I was marketing in years past. Josh has been riding flatland on and off for years and the past year he's really gotten good. Check out Josh's new set-up. Zero off-set front end and still brakeless. There is serious talk about some new ultra light TYRANT parts coming out this summer, check back for details in the coming months!



Brandon Begin is now making custom one off shirts under the name Exalted Clothing. Support Brandon and his rad ideas. These shirts are hand drawn by Brandon himself and each one represents a lot of time and effort! $10 for a hand made shirt is a bargain!!! Its nice to see a 12 year old with such drive! Keep your eyes peeled for some custom screened Exalted t-shirts in the near future. If you're interested in a shirt contact me and I'll pass the word onto Tiny Tyrant.
Check out the blog: The Exlated


2007 "Team Tyrant"

This year I'm looking to really push TYRANT and helping me with that will be "Team TYRANT". This so called "team" isn't a team at all, Team Tyrant just sounds cool :) It's a group of great riders who support the hell out of TYRANT and love riding as much as I do. With that I'd like to give due respect to:

- Brandon "Tiny Tyrant" Begin
- Don Pavelka
- Garrett Pyskaty
- Craig Samuels
- Josh LaRosa
- The East Hampton Bike Crew
- Bryan Arnwine

All these guys will be tearing it up in 2007 and will be having a ton of fun doing it!
Brandon, Don, Garrett and Craig expressed a lot of interest in jumping into the 2007 contest scene so we'll see what comes of that. It looks like this years going to kick a$$!


Back in the day...

"Back in the days when I was young; I'm not a kid anymore, there's somedays I sit and wish I was a kid again"

Rolling on the bling-bling Columbia back in '83.
Gold rims and bars, coaster brake, kickstand...oh yeah!