BMX Track & Death Rail Jam

Wow, T and I had a great time at Falcon BMX this morning watching the Stampede Team rip it up. Props to Ben and his squad of 20" shredders and props to the Falcon BMX crew for keeping that track alive. I remember racing there 20 years ago!!!


Props to the folks at Haven for putting on another super fun event! The Death Rail Jam drew a good crowd, about 12-15 riders competing and a good 50 spectators. People were going off and the winner, some cat named Louie, pulled a smith to hop over...on a 2" round rail! A huge congrats to Jake Lineberry for taking 2nd repping TYRANT with a burly hangover toothpick. Jake also had one of the burliest crashed when he attempted a 180 onto the rail and ended up hitting his bicep, chest, and face on the rail. That dude ain't right, I swear he feels no pain! Tiny TYRANT gave the rail a few rips but decided blasting over the stair set gap was more his style. Brandon hucked a nice turndown over gap which shocked a lot of us and was thinking about a 180...but his wrists and ankles were saying no. That little ripper has his hucking dialed! Thanks to everyone who showed up, good times! The photos will be up in the morning.

Death Rail Jam Photos: CLICK HERE


Weekend Update

So this weekend looks to be super crazy busy, but lots of fun!

T and I are headed down to EC Scorcher Acock's art show opening at Fuel in New Haven this evening. Should be pretty rad! Art, cupcakes, wine, and DJ Matt Uva dropping beats....oh, and we'll be making a pit stop by Haven to check out the "Death Rail".

Tomorrow morning we'll be over at Falcon BMX in Meriden for the double points race cheering on the Stampede riders, shooting lots of film, and peddling TYRANT merch. In the afternoon we'll be making our way down to Haven for the BMX BBQ & Rail Jam. The session starts at 4:30 with the Rail Jam going off around 6. Crazy Jake and Tiny TYRANT will be trick sticking it repping TYRANT and we'll be co-sponsoring the event and have plenty of merch. for sale. I'll also have my 21" S&M LTF frame if anybody is interested in buying it - $200.

Sunday we'll be back at 122 and the TNT Trails. We need to finish installing the fence around the property, sling some more dirt, and clear a path for the NEW line I've been brainstorming. Last night the neighbors noticed us putting up the fence posts and came over to make conversation (ie. be nosy). I think our "No Trespassing" signs got the point across. The neighbors were apparently surprised to see signs hung all along the property line over the weekend....and the fence will totally reinforce the fact that I'm not messing around! If anybody is around on Sunday grab a shovel and come dig. Making progress on the trails is tough solo. Remember, no Red Hen BS people! No dig, no ride!


Skatepark vs. Dog Park

Many riders and skaters in Connecticut are butting heads with dog owners of all things. 5 Connecticut towns are currently debating whether to put in a skatepark or a dog park. Can somebody please tell me why people need a fenced in area to let their dogs loose. Get off your lazy a$$es, grab a leash, and go walk your dog! Our couch potato society is so pathetic!


TNT on Lock Down!

So the TNT Trails are about to be locked down! I'm installing 20 gauge galvanized chicken wire fencing along the wooded portion of the property line tonight. The fence will be elevated 10" off the ground so the local wildlife can pass through (raccoons, rabbits, squirrels, etc.) and will have an overall height of 5' to keep unwanted visitors out. If the trespassing problem continues after tonight I'm just going to contact Johnny Law...or maybe John Rambo!

Photo from


Give me 5!

For the 5th year in a row Pedal Power has been voted one of the "Top 100 Bicyle Shops in the Nation" by Bicycle Retailer. Congrats guys!

In other shop related news, Matt Lolli wasn't able to raise enough funds to get to Alaska, but take a look at what he missed: CLICK HERE.

TNT Trespasser!

I knew it was only a matter of time before someone in the neighborhood would get curious and come in the woods to see what I was up to. T told me about times in the past when she had issues with the neighbors and/or their kids trespassing on her property and they were told to keep out. I headed out into the woods to do some digging yesterday afternoon and to my surprise 6 trees where freshly cut down. We're only talking 10-15' high 3" thick tress, but still, there is not reason for them to be cut down, they help keep the trails shady. About 20 yards from the trails I found 8 freshly made spears/stakes leaning against a tree...made from our 6 trees. I spent the afternoon hanging up "No Trespassing" and "Private Property: Keep Out" signs all along the property line that abuts the neighbors houses and they are in plain sight. I also threw up one "No Trespassing: Violators Will Be Prosecuted" sign right at the entrance of an old path that leads from the neighbors backyard into our woods. In addition to the sign, I gathered all the limbs from the trees the trespasser cut down and stacked them in a pile at the trail head. The last thing I need is somebody running around with a saw and hatchet on our land and/or messing up my trails. I will be at the trails tonight building a make shift fence section out of cedar posts to block the path and if I have time I'm going to start stacking the 2nd lander. 3 days of rain coming, BOO!

T on the lookout


30 Minutes in East Boston

T and I hit up the Winthrop and East Boston Skateparks for 2 quick sessions this morning. 5 minutes after arriving at the Winthrop Park I cased airing out the 6 foot mini and went OTB onto my right arm. Ouch...sheet metal ramp burn! We packed up and headed over to the East Boston Park, which is in a shady area! Homeless dudes, people in the bushes around the park, and an all around eerie feeling. We rode for about 30 minutes before getting the hell out of dodge. T was attempting some pedal feeble grinds and I'm going to be so stoked when she gets the feel and balance to land them. I popped a pretty fun icepick up a ledge which I was happy with. Good times in a not so good hood.

Riding Photos: CLICK HERE

T attempting a pedal feeble


More Work in the Dirt!

I made some more progress at the trails last night. The 2nd jump is taking shape and I raked out the other jump and berms. The 2nd set will be a gradual hip to the left with a 10 foot gap and run right into the 3rd set. I now have water running out into the woods so I soaked everything last night since its been dry for days. I'm hoping to get back from Boston early enough on Monday to put in a few more hours of digging and I'll be out thee almost every night next week if anybody wants to come sling dirt.


Shipping Up to Boston

So I'm headed to Boston for the Memorial Day Weekend and I'll have the BMX bike in tow. I plan on hitting up the Winthrop and East Boston Skateparks on Sunday and Monday. Should be a good time even though the parks are pretty small. I've been working at the trails so much I haven't ridden in almost 2 weeks!

East Boston Skatepark

Get Your Trick Sticks On!

Haven is putting on a "Death Rail" jam on Saturday night, May 30th and TYRANT will be co-sponsoring the event. Rumor has it they are setting up a special rail that will be up for only 1 night of BMX sessioning. Will it be curved, kinked, super long, short and steep? Who knows, but it's going to be burly for sure! Put on some trick sticks and come shred! Crazy Jake, Little Brandon, and Bry Arnwine will be repping TYRANT and getting their grind on.


S&M LTF Frame - $200

I'm selling my S&M LTF Frame (not the whole bike!), so spread the word. The frame is less than a year old and in damn good shape! Few scratches here and there, but no dents, digs, etc. These frames retail for $400 new! $200 is a steal!!! I'm going long, getting a 21.5" or 22" frame, that is the only reason I am selling this one.


Blachura @ "The Lot"

Arnwine, Blachura, and I rode "The Lot" for a few hours this evening. Dave was hucking it on his new Sinister DNA and he learned tailwhips tonight. Bry was still nursing a bum shoulder, though he was clicking some turndowns, and I was a pansy like usual! Congrats again to Dave for getting on flow from Sinister. Dave will be competing in events at Rye Airfield and Highland MTB Park in the coming months repping Sinister and TYRANT. I'm screening some new TYRANT Blachura "Beaters" tonight.

Lot Photos: CLICK HERE


Ramp it Up!

I acquired some pieces of Connecticut skate & BMX history several years ago; 2 molded fiberglass transitions from one of the first ever CT skateparks...which is long, long gone! These ramps have been passed around for years and were set-up at Cutting Edge for a long time before I got my hands on them for the Pedal Power Stunt Shows we used to do. Long story longer, the ramps have been sitting in Krol's backyard for a few years and they will soon find their final resting place in the driveway of 122...where the TNT Trails are. I plan on placing the trannies side by side to make a 16' quarter in the driveway. A nice big 4' deck, a clean paint job, and maybe a sub-box and/or wallride down the road and these pieces of history will be action!

Here is a snapshot of Garrett P. sessioning one of the ramps at the 2006 stunt show. Photo by Erik Then


Grand Theft Velo III

Yesterday was nuts! The Grand Theft Velo III race was pretty kick a$$ despite the chilly, misty weather. The whole fixed gear community is rad...and fast as hell on their bikes! Head over to the Scorchers Blog for a full recap.



GTV III: Ghostship Trick Jam

So Lolli decided to plan out a Best Trick Jam for last night. Basically it was a huge street session that moved from spot to spot every half hour or so. We met at the New Haven green around 9 and had a dozen riders, but by spot #2 there had to be at least 25-30. That's rolling deep! Some of those fixed gear dudes are mind blowing! Bunnyhop barspins, 180 to revert barspin out, 3 stair gaps, 3 stair 180's, and all kinds of flat ground trickery. I didn't get to shoot as much film as I wanted...T, Bry, and I split to Mamoun's for some dinner treats and when we returned to spot #2 there were 4 cops there. Apparently the cops were on the hunt for a BMX crew that smashed up a car Thursday night and they got word of our large group or riders thinking we were the BMX crew. Basically that shut down the session and everybody went to Rudy's. T, Bry, and I headed back North to Middletown and called it a night.

Fixed Jam Photos: CLICK HERE


You Dig!

I spent the better portion of today working on the trails. I took a vacation day from work to do some things at 122 and after the real work was done the trail work began. I added some more height to the first berm and lander, started stacking the second berm, made a path for the tractor to get into the trails, racked the pump track area out, and started framing out the 2nd jump. The first jump is going to be fun. You literally have 10 feet from the lander to the 2nd berm, which you'll be hitting at mach speed cause the trails are downhill! Phew! Lots of work, but lots of fun! Off to New Haven for day one of the Grand Theft Velo III weekend.



East Hampton Skatepark in the news...AGAIN!

CLICK HERE and read the Middletown Press' take on the Summer skatepark approval. Be sure to voice your opinion and leave a positive comment at the bottom of the article.

TnT Re-design

Last night was a bit disappointing! I rode the beginning of the trails for the first time and after countless roll throughs I realized the rollers after the 1st berm had to go. There is no way humanly possible you could roll, manual, or jump the rollers and retain enough speed to hit the first jump. So, I decided to make the trails split right from the top. There will be a "Jump Line" and a "Pump Line", both ending at a large tabletop. Check out the rough layout....


EH Skatepark Approved!!!

The temporary skatepark at Sears Park in East Hampton has been approved and will become a reality in the coming month or so. I'll keep everyone updated as information come my way. Congrats to Kim and all the kids on the East Hampton Skatepark Committee!



Take 5 minutes out your day and voice your opinion: CLICK HERE

There are too many narrow minded, pessimists in town...put them in their place and hit them with the facts! Let 'em know the youth of EH deserve a skatepark at Sears Park!

More work at TnT

We headed over to 122 late yesterday afternoon so T could finish up some artwork so I grabbed the tools and hit the woods for a bit. I only got in 40 minutes of digging before dark, but anything is better than nothing. The 1st lip is complete and the lander is 75% done. I cleared the area for the 2nd berm and started stacking a little dirt so I could visualize how the first jump is going to flow into the berm...short and fast! I'm hoping to get in a few more hours of work time this week, but Saturday will be the big trails day. I'll be in the woods from 8am - 1pm Saturday before heading down to Grand Theft Velo III in New Haven. If anybody is around and wants to come dig give me a ring or shoot me an e-mail via A lot of people have been telling me they want to come ride the trails when they are done, but remember the old trails motto...



TnT Trails

So I put in about 7 hours of digging, stacking, and packing at the East Haddam house this weekend. 3 of those 7 hours were on Saturday morning in the pouring rain to take advantage of really tacky dirt. T and I headed back over to the house this afternoon and I made a lot more progress on the first lip and lander. In due time...

TnT Trails Progress: CLICK HERE


Battle Wouds

So I posted a picture of T's bruised leg the other day, but it has gotten worse. Apparently T hit the top of her thigh as well cause a grimy yellow green bruise appeared up there as well. OUCH! No worries though, T is hardcore, she is riding again this Sunday!

Blogging from the West Side

Craig Samuels, CT BMX legend turned San Fran. fixie & film phenom, sent me a message to check in and notify me that he started a blog: CLICK HERE. I just sent a fat care package Craig's way to spread some TYRANT and DEATH 2 DOPERS love on the West Coast. Be sure to keep up to date on Craig's blog, some rad videos are bound to surface.


East Hampton Skatepark

The ongoing project of trying to get a new skatepark in East Hampton has been a hot topic of discussion lately. The Middletown Press ran this article last week and a "poll" is up online at to get feedback on the park. Follow that link to the "Poll" and SELECT THE FIRST OPTION!!! The new idea is to build a temporary skatepark on the unused handball court down at Sears Park by the lake. Temporary in the sense that it will be a seasonal park monitored by Parks & Rec staff and a test to see how kids act and behave. Ideally a permanent skatepark is what it sought here, but for the time being anything is better than nothing! There is a Town Council Meeting on Tuesday, May 12th at 6:30pm at the Town Hall if any local riders want to come out and show support.

GTV 3 is next weekend!!!

CLICK HERE and read all about it!

TYRANT and our side project DEATH 2 DOPERS are kicking in a ton of swag for the event!


More Pump Track Work

I put in 2 more hours of digging, stacking, and packing at 122 after work this evening. After 2 days of rain the soil was nice and damp and the berm and first roller set I built on Saturday were pretty solid. It's a slow and steady process working solo, but the final product will be kick a$$! Here is a camera phone photo of the first berm taking shape.

Speaking of trails...T took a nasty digger as a result of going full speed into a freshly made, lightly packed berm at Schmidt's Trails. Check out this bruise on her thigh...gnarly!!!



A 13 year old boy died as a result of head and neck trauma suffered in a BMX crash at the Moosup Skatepark Saturday afternoon. It is horrible to hear about a fellow rider getting hurt, let alone one dying of their injuries! My condolences go out the friends and family of the young man involved in this accident!

Look at Mike Aitken...look at how messed up he got from his helmetless crash! Wear a helmet people! I don't care how smooth you are, how lame helmets look, how hot they are in the Summer, etc. HELMETS SAVE LIVES! It's not my job to preach to you, but seriously, it's common sense!

Norwich Bulletin Story


Another Dirty Sunday

With rain in the afternoon forecast we decided to get up at the a$$ crack of dawn and get down to the trails early. Schmidt, T, and I rendezvoused at the trails at 9:00 and started digging. After an hour of stacking a new lander and grooming the trails we got to riding. Tiny TYRANT showed up around 10...with brakes this time...and was a lot more in control than Thursday. Evan made a guest appearance for a half hour and bombed the 6 pack a few times. We had a fun afternoon of riding, digging, and BSing before the skies opened up and cut our day short. Until next time...

Trails Photos: CLICK HERE


Pump Track 122

So I started building the pump track out at the East Haddam house today. I gave up on building legit trails since I'm scared sh!tless to jump anything big after my skull fracturing crash last year. The soil is insanely rooty so it took me a ton of time to do a little work. I got the first berm and roller set underway and watered them down. Hopefully tomorrow afternoons rain will pack them pretty solid and I can complete them early next week. My plan for the track is:

Left Berm > Roller Set > Double > Right Berm > Roller > Medium 4 Pack > Right Berm > Triple Roller Set > Small 4 Pack

Should be a pretty fun set-up and I'm hoping to have it complete by June 1st. I'm also planning on building an area to session with a dirt quarter to hitching post, a dirt quarter to wallride, and a rail cemented into the ground. If anybody wants to come dig shoot me a message or give me a ring...I'll be there at least 2 nights a week.


Brakeless Booster!

So I picked up Brandon last night and we headed over to Schmidt's Trails for a little late afternoon dirt action. I told Tiny TYRANT to put brakes on his bike, but no, he decided to hit the trails brakeless. Brandon's first run through the snake berm section resulted in a mega-boost off the last jump...scary! Schmidt was ripping through everything 100mph like usual, he has that place dialed! Schmidt has a ton of dirty ideas flowing through his head and is building new stuff every day. The trails should be amazing this Summer, I'm psyched!

Thursday's Trails Photos: CLICK HERE