Mellow Memorial Day

So it was a gorgous day today and I rode for 5.5 hours. I hit up the Newington, Wethersfield, and Rocky Hill parks this morning and rode the East Hampton park (2 quarters and 2 rails) this afternoon. I was nice to spend the better part of the day on the bike enjoying the weather. The sad part is nobody else around here rode today! The so called "crew" has faded away. Lolli rides once or twice a week, but he's the only one besides me! I really wanted to get down to the Stampede warehouse jam, but I couldn't force myself to pay $15 to ride inside all day (even though it was for an AWESOME cause!!!) when it was sunny and 85 out....and nobody else was around to go???

You can't grind the 18 foot curved rail unless you lean downside!


MSX Almost Rideable!!!

So Dave B. and I put in another evening at the trails trying to complete the "big" six pack. The jumps are looking great and Dave really did a ton of work on the first lip...its mint! One thing I must say is kids these days are lazy and stupid!!! 3 seperate days these random kids showed up on there bikes and watched us dig for like 15 minutes...and then just rode away with out ever saying a word. Spread the word...if you think you are coming to ride our trails you better put in some digging time. We have a half dozen shovels, rakes, a pick axe...grab a tool and make yourself useful! I hate to sound like a jerk but we have put in endless hours of digging and the local weiners think they can just waltz in whenever and ride the trails. This year....NO WORK, NO PLAY! AND WE WILL TELL YOU TO LEAVE! Check out the photos at Tyrant's Flickr.

The first 6 pack is looking good!


MSX yet again.....

Another afternoon/night digging at the trails. The first 6 pack is going to go as follows: 4.5 foot lip - 12 foot gap - big lander into a 6 foot lip - 12 foot gap - 6 foot lander into a mellow 5 foot lip - 12 foot gap - 5 foot lander into a double berm set up - left and choose what line you wanna take. Left will be small, right is going to be SICK AS HELL! I was told Stock wanted to see more photos so I took what I could before it got pitch black....what do you think Mike? Check out the photos at Tyrant's Flickr.

The lip and lander still need to be carved out,
but the piling and packing of dirt is done!


Another Evening at MSX

So a crew gathered at the MSX trails tonight to dig and we made a bunch of progress. The 1st and 2nd doubles are piled up, they just need a good packing and some tranny sculpting. We took down a 1 foot thick dead tree with a hand saw which turned out to be a half hour ordeal involving about 5 people. All in all it was a good time and a great sign of the days of summer to come.

The 2nd double is looking nice! 6 foot lip - 15 foot gap - 6 foot lander

1 hand saw - 2 workers - 2 spectators - 1 dead tree - 30 minutes - PRICELESS!!!


The Rebirth of MSX

MSX is being reborn thanks for P. Krol, Dave B., a little help from myself and many others. I shot a few photos, check them out at Tyrant's Flickr. Lets pray that the punks that destroyed the jumps last year don't do the same this year.....cause payback will be a for them!!!

Dave being dwarfed by the "Monster Lip"


Since I've been trapped inside due to the rains I decided to shoot some photos so I had something to post on the blog. I hope you enjoy what my boredom brought out.....check them out at Tyrant's Flickr.


Sad, Sad Saturday

So Jess called me Thursday and broke my heart, she told me "our baby" Kasha was sick and diagnosed with Feline Leukimia. It hit really hard to hear that my little kitty, only 1 year and 2 months in age, was fatally ill!!! I'm not going to lie, it really got me upset and it brought plenty of tears out. Then today, Saturday, Jess called and told me the vet had to put our baby to sleep because she was really, really sick and she was suffering. Some people would say "its only a cat", but that cat was my little baby. It really hurts to let go of something you care about so very much. Luckilly, I am a photo nerd and I took hundreds of shots of her, which I will cherish from here on out. R.I.P. :(......

Kasha - March 2005 to May 2006 - R.I.P.


Muddy Mountain Bike Ride

The rain held off today and Lolli and I got out for a solid 2 hour mountain bike ride through the trails of Portland, Cobalt, and East Hampton. Its nice to hang up the BMX bike and put in some miles in the woods...keeps my riding balanced. I took a few shots of Matt along the way and he got one of me, check them out at Tyrant's Flickr.

Matt Lolli crossing a stream at full speed


Multiple Sunday Sessions

Knowing that we were in store for another gorgeous day, I made plans to do a ton of riding. Two of my co-workers and I put in some miles on the mountain bikes this morning at Hurd Park. I had to get a feel for my new frame, I'm racing a cross country MTB race next Sunday. As the afternoon rolled around I picked up Blachura and headed to Schmidt and Mercenary Steve's trails over in central CT. The place is amazing! Props to those 2 for the endless hours of digging they have done! The lines are sweet, but much to burly for me to I took a bunch of photos and posted a few on Tyrant's Flickr. After the trails Dave and I hit up the Newington and Wethersfield Skateparks. It was great, both parks were pretty quiet...not really crowded. Gotta love a Sunday full of riding!

Schmidt flying through the air


A Saturday in Spring

So I headed over to Turnpike Tattoo to chat it up with Shawn and discuss our plans to take over the world. It looks as though the art show we are planning to collaborate on is going to happen for sure, its just a matter of time. Keep checking back here for details....or better yet go to Shawn's site (see the link - LOOK RIGHT!) I also made my way over to Tiny Tyrant's mini-ramp for an afternoon session and like usual the kids got a half dozen new tricks since the last time I saw him. 360's to fakie, 270 to smith, icepicks, and so on - and so on! There are some pics on Tyrant's Flickr.

11 years old - 16" bike - 2 feet of air out of a 7 footer


Let the riding begin!

Ok, I'm cleared to ride again. I got my stitches out this morning and the doc says the infection in being eaten up by the anitbiotics I'm on. So I'll be out all weekend on the bikes. Give me call if you wanna ride!


Even more rest...

So I ended up developing an infection as a result of last weeks surgery. Now I am on 2 presciption drugs and have to keep off the bike for another 10 days. I swear by the time this is all healed up it will be almost 2.5 weeks that I will not have ridden. I am beyond stir crazy...but luckily my new mountain bike frame came in so building that up has kept me preoccupied.