Yesterday's jam at the Buttery Brook Park was rad! Gotta send a huge thanks out to Colby for inviting us up and letting me set up the tent and peddle some merch. The local crew that renovated the park did a hell of a job, the place flows great and there are a lot of fun lines. The Box Jump Best Trick event was off the hook with a 720, decade, and 3 whip getting fired out. The box monkey's were in full effect emptying their bags of tricks! The Long Jump Contest was held in the gravel parking lot and I was convinced someone was gonna die. There were a few epic scorpion grinds and a little blood shed, but at the end of it all the dude blasting 32+ feet rode away with nothing more than some broken forks :P Super fun day, great weather, and awesome to see so many riders young and old coming out to ride and donate some cash to the park. Really looking forward to getting back up to Buttery Brook before the snow arrives!

- TYRANT Buttery Brook Pics
- Barry Scott Photography's Pics

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