Remembering Alexi DeRochambeau

I got word today that long time BMX friend Alexi DeRochambeau passed away Saturday. This news sent chills up my spine! The kid was so young..WHY?!?!? I have so many amazing memories of hanging out at Alexi's old shops Broken Spoke Bike Shop and Dying Trends, both in Westerly, RI. Alexi was a great guy and we had a lot of fun at the White Rock Park back in the day. I could never forget all the hell raising we did at the FBM Ghetto Street Comp in 2003! When TYRANT got up and running in 2002 Alexi didn't hesitate to fill his shop with shirts, hoodies, hats, and those OG bar ends we made. He supported the hell out of TYRANT! Rest in peace friend, you'll be greatly missed but NEVER forgotten!


Mellow '11

At the beginning of each year I have big hopes and dreams about doing crazy things with TYRANT and moving in leaps and bounds. Truth is each year I let myself down by March or April - get in that work, eat, sleep, ride groove - and next thing you know Winter is here and the year is gone. I'm not making any predictions for 2011. My goal for TYRANT is to focus on having a sh1t load of fun riding and hanging out with friends and snap some rad photos here and there. Anything else is a total bonus. I do have a new TYRANT site in the works. Nothing too bling, blinging...but a little something fresh to look at. Keep checking back, it will be up in the near future. Enjoy 2011!


Cravin' Haven!

It's been 3 longs weeks off the bike, jonesing to get out and ride Haven. Steve and I went down on Thursday night, but I still felt the need to let the leg chill, hoping to ride Tuesday night!

Haven Photos: CLICK HERE


All Iced Out

So yesterday's storm put a nice glaze on everything! The snow bike is now an ice bike.


Leg On the Mend

It's been just about 3 weeks since I've ridden the BMX, but the leg is feeling really good! The bruising has disappeared from the quad and my knee is feeling pretty stable...though I've been wearing a brace for any outdoor activities. I got in some XC skiing last weekend and I'm hoping to get in some more this coming one. Gotta get the strength built back up. Hoping to get to Haven next week for some easy riding, just pumping around and stuff. The Doc. said "Don't be a jacka$$, no stunts or anything, just leg the leg heal! You'll be happy come Spring when you're 100%" Makes sense.


Benedict Kicked Our A$$

27" outside my house boys and girls...that's no joke. Snow so deep the snow bike wouldn't even slide when T tried to ride it!


Never Too Old to Get Rad!

Steve, Bry and I headed down to Haven from 9-11 last night for Macisco's Birthday rental. Another year in the books for Mike, dude's well over the 30 mark now but still getting rad. Happy B-Day Mike!

Macisco's B-Day Rental Photos: CLICK HERE


Snow Bike Sesh.

Steve gave it hell on the snow bike this afternoon! We went to some huge sand hills ideal for getting rad on the bike. Soft snow with soft sand underneath, ideal "hucking" conditions. Good times for sure!

Snow bike sesh photos: CLICK HERE


Pasta for Heaven



Hebrank on the East Coast!

Good friend, world traveler, tattoo artist, and dead bird fanatic Shawn Hebrank is on the East Coast for a week of hotness at Off The Map Tattoo in Easthampton, Mass. After stopping by the Team EAST lair I met up with Shawn and gal pal Amy in NoHo for some Indian cuisine. It's always a treat when Shawn's in town...good stories, good laughs, and all around good times. If you're out in the Minneapolis area be sure to look Shawn up for some tattoo work...or catch him at one of his many guest spots around the country!


Over 30 Club

Age is nothing but a number! Old dudes can still give it hell. Over 30 club in full effect...



Team EAST New Year's Jam

A huge thanks to Matty Still and the Team EAST family for throwing a kick a$$ jam last night. Lots of great peeps and lots of fun! If this is a sign of things to come in 2011 expect an epic year!