Autumn Brand Jam

Steve, Schmidt, and I loaded my car to the max and adventured North East up to the Autumn Brand Jam at Hyde Park. We made a pit stop on the way up to pick up some New England Jam Chowda promotional material from Chuck, then we were jam bound. The event started off as most do, riders trickling in and everyone kinda buzzing, but as the day progressed things got wild. By mid-afternoon there were 50+ riders and tons of spectators watching the madness ensue. Some insane height close to 4 feet took the Bunnyhop win, the No Front Wheel Manual Contest was off the hook, and I believe Corey D. took the Best Table win. I spent most of the day in the shade manning the TYRANT, Tables & Fables, Dick Mauls booth, but Steve and Schmidt were getting rad. The rains eventually moved in late day and the place began to clear out...our cue to load up and begin the trek back to CT. Gotta send a huge shout out to the Mauls/Tables & Fables crew for putting on a kick a$$ event. The turnout was great and everyone was having fun, BMX at it's finest!

As previously mentioned, I was manning the booth all day. Sorry, only 3 photos!

Autumn Brand Jam Photos: CLICK HERE

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