Bike vs. Car

So Craig Samuels was nearly killed by a car a couple days ago out in San Fran. This is what Craig had to say after I sent him a message that said "riding your fixed gear without a helmet?":

"Correct, fixed and no helmet, my hat is ok though, haha. Here is a crude writeup on what happened: Got hit on The Wiggle (SF bike route). Guy turned in front of me, I hit his front driver side, my bike stayed there and I flew over his hood and onto the sidewalk. Luckily my face/head broke my fall. It made the most grossest crunching noise. I didn't get light headed or pass out or anything so I don't think I have a concussion. We settled it there, I got his business card and enough money for a new front wheel. He was super cool about it and very concerned. I decided to take a cab home instead of to the hospital cause I didn't want the expense. My friend Chris and I cleaned it up and as of now it looks ok."

Burly! Glad to hear Craig is alive and well! There is a TYRANT care package in the mail dude! and yeah, be sure to wear your damn helmet!

Real men wear Barbie bandaids!

Pedal Power @ Haven

Last night the Pedal Power staff, along with some friends and family, rented out the Haven Skatepark for a late night session. Everyone had a good time and of course there are a bunch of photos over at TYRANT's Photos.

Dean Whipple carving the vert wall


Back in the Day!

So I was stranded at home today due to the snow and I decided to mill around through some old photos I had. Head over to TYRANT's Photos for a couple "blast from the past" photos of Arnwine and Brandon Begin I scrounged up. Nothing like the good old days! Wow do I miss the old MSC in Westfield, many memories of good times and good friends there!


NEW Stickers and Pints

So the new chrome mirrored Trike stickers are in and ready for the taking. Thanks to T, I also have these rad pint glasses available for $5. The glasses are branded with a cool new logo that T also designed (see the image at the top of the page).

Pint Glasses - $5.00


Dondor Jam 2008

Thanks to everyone who came out to Don's birthday jam last night, it was a good old time. There was brief scare when Tiny TYRANT went down face first and busted up his head and mouth, but he was able to walk out of the park on his own 2 feet. I shot a ton of photos, head over to to check them out.

UPDATE: "Tiny TYRANT" Brandon Begin is ok. He knocked off 3 of his braces, has some haggerd cuts in his mouth and has a few loose teeth (which his braces will hold tight till they heal). He'll be riding in no time! He's a trooper!!!

Don getting it inverted!

Bryan Arnwine getting rad at 1 am!


NEW Organic!

Check out the new Organic TYRANT shirt. This is the 1st of 5 colors that will be available, so in a sense these are Limited Edition.

Cinder Short Sleeve available March 2008

- 100% Organic Combed Fine Jersey Cotton
- 100% Soy Based Ink
- Made in the USA
- Hand Screened in Connecticut
- Artwork by Matt Lolli of Ghostship

$15 each*

*Note: $1.06 of each sale will go toward the purchase of a PBR "Pounder" for Matt. 24 oz. of pure love!


Toboggan Race Report

So the TYRANT TOBOGGAN TEAM placed 77th out of about 150 sleds at the Toboggan National Championships in Camden, Maine this past weekend. A bit disappointing, but we had fun. This was our 3rd year participating and sadly our slowest :( Next year we're getting together an all-star squad, building a new sled, and we're renting a vendor parking spot on the mountain to set up a TYRANT tent. Gotta' love the white trash winter olympics...that have nothing to do with bicycles!

NEW on 2/12: NICE! We made the newspaper in Maine, check it out HERE. Ryan registered our team so he gets all the glory :)

Thanks to Tina McCurdy for the photo, Shawn Hebrank for the skull drawing, and Matt Lolli for the tyrant text.


Toboggan Time!

This year will be the 3rd year the "TYRANT Toboggan Team" heads to Camden, ME for the National Toboggan Championships. We're headed up to stay with my best friend Gates and his wife for a 3 day weekend of absolute madness! Check back here next week for some hilarious photos of what some dub the "White Trash Winter Olympics".



So the new shirts are done!
- Available in Mens S, M, L, XL and Ladies S, M, L
- Colors: Black shirt with snotty green ink or navy blue shirt with slate blue ink
- Mens long sleeve and 3/4 sleeve shirts coming soon!
- Ladies tank tops coming soon!


Top 1 hundo again!

For the 4th year in a row Pedal Power was voted one of the Top 100 Bicycle Shops in the country. This is the 3rd year in a row that we were the only Connecticut shop on the list. What, what!