Cutting Edge Newi. Jam

Yesterdays jam at Newington was off the hook. A ton of riders showed up, the most I've ever seen at the park! The start of the jam was a bit delayed thanks to some dumb broad rear ending Ryan Howard's truck full of Cutting Edge goodies, the grill, tent, etc. as he was on his way to the park. After a brief visit from the cops and the usual accident BS Ryan was on the road again. It was great to see Don Pavelka, haven't ridden with him in almost a year...and he was going off as usual! Tom Kalmanidis took home the bunnyhop win at 40" after a long battle with James Nelson and "California" Ethan Pawlak! Instead of a product toss Howard decided to hide all the merch around the baseball field about 1/4 mile from the park. We rounded up all the kids by announcing "Who wants free stuff?" and once we got their attention we told them to run like mad and go get it. Some kids were hustling for that free swag...too funny! Thanks to everyone that came out and thanks to Ryan and the guys at the Edge for making it happen!

I'll have a short video of the bunnyhop contest that T shot up later today!

Jam photos: CLICK HERE


Krol's Pump Track

T and I stopped over Pete Krol's last night to check out his new pump track. I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting much cause the photos I saw of it made it look really small, but it ended up being fun as hell! It took a little getting used to but once you get comfy it gets faster and smoother to ride. With a little more width to each jump, roller, and bit more height to the berms the place would be even more fun! Looking forward to going back and helping sling some dirt and riding some more. Thanks Pete!

Krol's Pump Track photos: CLICK HERE

Here's a Flip Video clip Pete shot of me...


Jam on Sunday!

The guys from Cutting Edge and holding a late day jam this coming Sunday from 4-dark at the Newington Skatepark. There's gonna be some free swag from Animal, Eastern, Cutting Edge, TYRANT, and a few others. The bunnyhop contest should be a good one. Past jams have seen some riders getting over the bar around the 4 foot mark. Show up, ride your bike, and have's supposed to be sunny and in the low 80's. Should be fun as hell!


Catskills Run

Finally got around to uploading the photos from our trip to the snake run up in the Catskills in New York. The place was pretty wild and we'll surely be going back!

Catskills Run photos: CLICK HERE


The Scorpion King has Risen!

Fun session at The Lot last night. Reed showed up with some of the Enfield posse, Chad Allen made the trip over from Glastonbury, and Sam shot down from Farmington. Our usual local crew was there and everybody was flowing the lines clean...cause they're running really nice right now. The highlight of the day was Reed clicking a lookback over the hip in the small set and super casing. He got shop straight to a scorpion grind and it wasn't pretty. I thought for sure the dude was out cold, but he managed to get to his feet and wipe off some of the 10 lbs. of dirt he had on his face, arms, clothes, etc. Scorpion grinds=black eyes and bloody knuckles!

Lot photos: CLICK HERE


Graffiti Shirts Again

I recently had a request for a half dozen of the graffiti shirts, so I'm gonna be screening a small run of them. They will be military green ink on black tees and selling for $10. I'm also screening up a dozen pull over hoodies, those are $20. If you're interested hit me up on the Facebook page link to the right >>>


Middlefield Skatepark Update

I stopped by the Middlefield Park today and they're making some pretty solid progress. There are a few really original obstacles and it looks like it's gonna be a really fun layout. The drag here is that they're not letting in bikes. I still don't understand the whole "bikes ban" bullsh1t. I'm so over DB skater haters crying about bikes damaging parks. Pegs, pedals, bar ends, etc. are all plastic now and don't chip cement, so please shut your mouths!

Middlefield Skatepark Photos: CLICK HERE


8 Years of Fun!

So I totally overlooked the fact that last month marked 8 years of TYRANT. It's very apparent that the TYRANT BIKE CO. started in 2002 has evolved from a very small company into a crew of friends and riding buddies having fun on 2 wheels. I've been brainstorming a lot lately, have some cool new ideas, but I'm not rushing into anything. This year also marked my 30th b-day...and I'm taking care of stuff in the "real world"...looking forward to bigger and better things. To everyone that rocked a pair of TYRANT bar ends...bought a tee or trucker cap...or stuck a sticker on their bike, thanks for the support! Here's to another 8 years of wreaking havoc and having fun!

With that said, I found 20 of the old 2006 bumper stickers stashed away in the basement yesterday. Sure, doesn't exist anymore, but just black that part out!
Contact me if you want one.


Half Hour at the Lot

I stopped by The Lot last night for the first time since the Cutting Edge Jam last month. To my surprise, the weed killer Dave sprayed finally kicked in and the the jumps are pretty clean...while the rest of the place looks like the freakin' Congo! The small line is rock hard...a first for this season...the rain and sun combo must be baking them nicely. The new hip the guys built for the jam last month finally firmed up too, it's pretty dialed! The guys rode for a half an hour before it got dark and I had to hit the road. Hopefully we'll have a good session there in the coming days.

Lot photos: CLICK HERE


Flatland Josh

Josh has only been on his bike a handful of times in the past year or so, but he still has that flatland in his blood.


"I Just Wanna' Go to Windsor Locks"

If you don't know the story of the above quote, this is it...In my Pedal Power days we'd get lots of kooks off of Main Street coming into the shop. One day some random dude was looking at bikes and when asked if he needs help he just yelled "I just wanna' go to Windsor Locks"...I know, lame story. Well it appears his quote holds true for all of us now cause the new Windsor Locks park looks pretty rad. I will be going to Windsor Locks...soon! Check out the computer models HERE and check out this progress pic I ganked off of Jay Bych's Crackbook page...

New Sherwood

So Highland beefed up the jumps in their Sherwood Forest DJ area and the place is looking mint! Local MTB ripper Chad Allen, who's trails we've been riding the past few weeks, was up there this weekend for the AM comp and got some sweet clips in this little video. Congrats to Chad for taking 2nd in the comp! Props to whoever shot it! It's well done and flows nicely.


Southwick Session

Steve and I headed up to the Southwick Trails to meet up with a bunch of riders on Saturday. I haven't been to those trails in 8 years and they are still running pretty well...just mellower than they were back in the day. The session was fun, some of the Enfield rippers were going off and Danny Todd was emptying his bag of trick like usual. After a solid 4 hours of dirt jumping we hit the river on Matty Stills boat on a rope swing mission. The trip up river didn't disappoint, the swing was rad as hell...and we found a 15' tree jump just before departing on the voyage home. Good times for sure, thanks a lot guys!

Southwick photos: CLICK HERE


Bye, Bye Basement Ramps :(

So I finally got around to disassembling the rest of the basement ramps last night. It was a relief to get them all apart, but so sad to see them go! All that remains are tire marks on the walls...reminders of all those fun sessions we had...especially my 30th b-day! I'm psyched that the ramps will have a new home in East Hampton with Mike and Zac. It would be a shame to pieces of local BMX history....pieces of the legendary "Whips Basement" get thrown away. Here's to all those High Life fueled sessions and those heads smashed on the ceiling beams. Adios!


Greenside Update

Word on the street is that Greenside Skatepark will be letting bikes in Tuesdays from 6-9pm. Kinda beat it's only once a week, but hell...1 session is better than none!

CLICK HERE to scope a vid. of Jake Honesto mocking it around the bowl at Greenside.

Ripping Falcon

A bunch of us met us at Falcon BMX yesterday afternoon to give the new track a rip. Damn is all I have to say! They really stepped it up and the new layout is legit...and pretty burly! Steve took a scary digger early on but ended up OK and Jake is lucky he didn't die....he was helmetless hucking himself the whole time he was there. I think everyone had a good time and we'll be back there to bomb around again real soon!

Falcon photos: CLICK HERE


Another Dirty Monday

Steve, Blachura, Joe Davis and I hit up Chad Allen's trails last night and it was chill little session. Chad was going off as usual and the rest of the guys were cruising around stoked on the fun little sets Chad and his crew built. I'm hoping to make it out there at least once a week for the rest of the "outdoor riding season" permitting.

Monday photos: CLICK HERE