Dudes, Bikes, and Pizza!

The usual Tuesday session at Jay's ramp...dudes, bikes, and pizza!

Jay's Ramp: CLICK HERE


Looking Back...

I was digging through an old bin of stickers today and randomly found this kick a$$ photo of Steve from a solid 8-10 years ago at CT's. Awesome!


Southwick: 11/27/11

We had a crew head up to Southwick today and it was a pretty epic session!...despite Matt Lucas' bike throwing, flash smashing antics! There are a bunch of teenage locals digging their faces off tuning up the currents lines and building new one. Kinda an odd time of year to be putting in so much work, but hell....the place looks and rides great! Sounds like we'll be headed back up there again next weekend.

Southwick Photos: CLICK HERE



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Cement Park Sunday

Another Sunday, another awesome session! I'll let the photos do the talking...



Frigid Friday Session

Steve and I hit up the Deep River Park for a few hours today...


Jays Ramp: 11/15/11

Another Tuesday session at Jay's Ramp. Dudes, bikes, pizza and good times as usual!

Jay's Ramp B&W Photos: CLICK HERE


Sunset Ranch Jam: 11/13/11

20+ riders from 4 states playing in the dirt all day! Super fun time and one hell of a send off to the 2011 trails season. Another fine day at the Ranch!

Jam photos: CLICK HERE

Schmidt showing up the street kids by jumping a 12' double into a Hang 5 lander!


MA/RI Road Tripping

Steve and I had the day off today so we decided to adventure West to Mass. and Rhode Island. Our first stop was Dick Maul's Bike Shop in Halifax, MA. Talk about legendary! Maul's is a household name in the BMX world and have been keeping it real for damn near forever....30+ years!!! We hit up the Hingham Skatepark mid-day and it was windy!...but that didn't stop Steve from laying out some tables in the 7' end of the bowl. The park is small, but the bowl alone is worth the drive to the park. So nice!! On our way back toward CT we hit up Circuit BMX. Again, another amazing BMX shop...which is swiftly becoming a household name in the BMX scene. Vic is running a rad operation over there in Pawtucket! We ended the day at the Owen Bell Park in Killingly dodging random spurts of rain. All in all we drove 250+ miles and only rode 2-2.5 hours max, but it was well worth it. Good times for sure!

MA/RI Road Trip Photos: CLICK HERE


Jay's After the Storm

After a week of no power due to Winter Storm Alfred, we made our way back to Jay's tonight. New local, Mike Brennan, hopped in with Steve and I to head out to the ramp. It was a typical laid back Tuesday night session...dudes, bikes, pizzas, and the ramp. I'm hoping these sessions keep up throughout the Winter! Always a good times at Jays!!

Jay's Ramp Photos: CLICK HERE



I typically avoid ranting and I usually keep my cool...but this one hit the right nerve. Congrats to you, whether you are a kid or pissed me off!

This is an anonymous comment I received on my "Boston Bound" post an hour ago...

"another shitty article about shitty riders doing shitty tricks. same shit, different day. this website sucks and none of you our ever getting sponsored"

Let me break it down for you pal...

1. Leaving an anonymous comment just screams out "I'm a huge pu$$y!"

2. It's a blog...not a newspaper. It's called a post, not an article!

3. Love the repetition of the word sh1t! Your vocabulary is obviously SH1Tty, you couldn't come up with better adjectives to dis me?!?

4. I can care less what you think of me, TYRANT, and/or our friends. I've said it a thousand times and I'll say it to the grave...we ride bikes cause it is fun, not to show boat...impress anyone...qualify for the X-GAYmes...or any other BS!

5. "Sh1tty tricks"? Sorry you don't see any triple tail whips, quadruple barspins or whatever lame a$$, box jump monkey, foam pit junkie garbage tweens are throwing down these days. Don't get me wrong, the evolution of the sport is mind blowing...but it's not for me...and not what TYRANT is about. (see #4 above!)

6. "our ever getting sponsored"? It's ARE...not OUR!! You're really showing us how incompetent you are!!! Secondly, I'm 31 years old...damn right I'm never getting sponsored! I ride cause it keeps me young at heart, allows me to socialize/meet amazing new friends, and once again...wait for's FUN! Kids nowadays need to take off their blinders and realize there is more to BMX than getting some free grips and a hand job from a company owner!

7. Plain and simple, you don't like the site...don't ever come back!

Rant over!
If you'd like to talk shit in person please feel free to come and chat anytime. I'd love to hear you out and see if your balls are as big in person!

Boston Bound

I was heading up to Boston to pick up T from Logan at 8:45pm so I figured I'd make a day out of it. I got in touch with Tabler & Fabler Tony Long and he offered me up the opportunity to cruise Boston street with he and his friend Chip. After meeting the guys around 1 we hit up Harvard for some banks and wallrides. Sean Burns and some of the Bone Deth crew were already at the spot getting rad. It's always cool riding with new peeps at foreign spots...especially after seeing that new Burns Osiris edit filmed around Boston (and Providence). Tony, Chip and I made our way to a pool after Harvard and Tony was blasting tables in the 12ft end. I'm not gonna lie, I sat there and watched with my tail between my legs. I wasn't about to session that place without my helmet! I'd scramble my brain for sure!! I parted ways with the guys around 3 and made my way over to the Winthrop Skatepark for a solid hour session. All in all an awesome day in Boston. Really looking forward to getting back up here soon!

This dude!


Hump Day Sesh

Steve randomly had the day off from work so we hit up the Norwich and Baltic Skateparks. Of course, we were psyched to ride Norwich cause there would be no kids around...and 1/2 hour after we got there the school across the street got released on a half day. Sh1t luck at it's finest! To avoid the mob of tweens we made our way to the Baltic Park. Steve was getting rad with the place all to himself and our little buddy (who's name I still don't know) who seeks us out at Baltic was around. The little dude is all of 3 feet tall and he was shredding on my 22" Deuce Deuce with Perfect 10 bars...too funny! We hooked him up with some stickers and a TYRANT beanie and he was psyched. Awesome day for sure!!

Hump Day Photos: CLICK HERE