Haven Skatepark

Haven Skatepark is set to open its doors sometime this week, so memorize the bike sessions and be ready to shred!


Monday: 2-6 pm $10
Tuesday: 6-10pm $10
Wednesday: 2-6 pm $10
Thursday: 6-10 pm $10
Friday: 6-9 pm $10
Saturday: 3-6 pm $10 and 9pm-1:30am $15 (Age 18+ ONLY!)
Sunday: 12-4:30 $13

I'm also going to be looking into renting the park once a month.
Check back for details on that in the near future.

Perfect timing cause its snowing out right now!!!

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Anonymous said...

I might be going there this week. Plus that clambshell thing is in Hudson. Ma. That park has a nice bowl too.