DOT lead by an A$$!

DOT Secretary Mary Peters is an idiot! Read what she had to say....

PBS NewsHour with Jim Leher, DOT Secretary Mary Peters was interviewed by Gwen Ifill.

Peters, when asked about a possible gas tax increase, repeated President Bush's response - No, there can be no tax increase because Congress is wasting the money they already get. Peters cited "bicycle paths" as a prime example of the waste because bicycles are not a transportation use of the gas tax money. One wonders if this is not a direct attack on Minn.Congressman Jim Oberstar, whose district includes the fallen bridge. Oberstar is the biggest supporter of bicycling in congress.

I am shocked (sort of) that Peters is attacking bicycle transportation as just a waste of money. This administration is back in the 1950's Auto Uber Alles mentality - we have not crossed that bridge into the 21st Century yet. The dinosaurs of the auto industry are backed into a corner and fighting for their lives - but is attacking the little bicycles is the best they can do? Its also disappointing that the administration is attacking Jim Oberstar for his efforts to get the Minneapolis bridge repaired along with raising all the funding for transportation maintenance, by using Oberstar's support for bicycles as a weapon.

Come on lady! Get your head out of your a$$! Ever hear of global warming? It's not the fault of all the cyclists in the world!

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skullhead said...

Good that this pissed you off! What to actually do something about it? Go here ( to find your Rep and write them a letter about why this pisses you off. I just sent my letter in...let change begin.