R.I.P Chee

So the General Chee, the official team vehicle of TYRANT has been laid to rest. After 10 years and 210,000 miles of hell raising my Toyota Corolla has finally reached its limit. I couldn't of asked for a more reliable car! I've been all over the USA with 1-3 bikes on the roof, ridden amazing parks, raced amazing races, and saw some great sights! Taking the place of the Chee is a 2008 Toyota Matrix. Lots more room than the Corolla, the same reliable Toyota engine, and its new! I'm awaiting R. Gates to call with the "official name" for my new ride...ha ha ha!

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shawn hebrank said...

so glad you're rocking the brass knuckles on the new car.
also, your link in the tyrant/paris post below is broken and dead.