Hebrank heads west

So today is Shawn Hebrank's last day in Connecticut. Tomorrow morning he and his wife are headed West to Minneapolis. Shawn has supported the hell out of TYRANT over the past few years I've know him and I totally appreciate that! I could never repay him for the countless sketches, pieces or artwork and tattoos he's done for me over the years! We're going to miss you dude! MinneCRAPolis doesn't know what's they've got coming!

With that said, Saturday night a bunch of people got together at Rudy's in New Haven to wish Shawn and Meryll well before they leave. It was a really fun time and in true TYRANT fashion I was acting like an idiot.

Are these things vegetarian?

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Anonymous said...

not the things living inside them. i hope you brushed your teeth before you kissed t after that.