So we landed at Bradley Airport at 5:30 am and I came home and slept until now.....1:45ish. What a super fun, but tiresome trip!I'm not going to get crazy in depth, its INTERBIKE....every manufacturer has something cool and exciting and new technologies are popping up left and right. Some of the stuff I liked...FBM's Sword track bike, Fly Bikes 2008 model line, as well as the 2008 DK's and We The People's. That paint jobs are killer for 2008, check them out! I didn't shoot a ton of BMX related film, click here to see. I did shoot a ton of touristy shots which can be seen via this link to my art blog, : through these eyes. I also shot a bunch of film of the Team NERAC riders at the Cross Vegas race and the USA Crit. Championships. Those photos can be seen via the CCNS Pedal Power Cyling Team site. Enjoy!

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