BMX vs. Parkour

Hilarious to see that my blog post got people heated enough to write me e-mails, texts, and leave comments supporting Parkour. Dan, whoever you are, thanks for the novel of an e-mail. Out of respect, I won't post and openly mock the entire thing...but I will say you have way to much time on your hands! Good luck to you and your new Parkour shoes!

Oh man, Parkour...I'm pretty sure if you look it up in the dictionary it says "idiots pretending to be SpiderMan". To each their own, I typically don't bash people's activities, but man these guys are a bunch of kooks! Sure, Jackie Chan and cat burglars have been doing it for years, and some of these guys are amazing...but really, is Parkour gonna be a varsity sport now!

So where is the bike relevance?...
Over the years we've been harassed at numerous locations around Middletown for riding street. Seriously, we're riding bicycles...we're not bothering anybody! Well in the past few weeks I've seen this crew of Parkour dorks climbing on walls and buildings practicing their craft or whatever the hell you wanna call it. What really got me heated was when a security guard at a local M-Town building we ALWAYS get kicked out of for riding near was in awe by these guys climbing on the side of the building and didn't even harass them. Hell, he was encouraging them to do bigger stuff. The way I see it if you're climbing up the side of the building at 10 at night the average person is gonna think you're attempting to get in and rob the place! If you're riding a bike at 10 at night...well, you're riding a bike. Half the time we're not even on the property, we're on the sidewalk or walkway out front...not on the damn building!! Basically I'm just ranting cause it gets me heated that these tools are chimpping all around down town literally ON peoples property and we're still getting harassed for riding bicycles. LAME!



Unknown said...

I agree, the security douche situation is a double-standard and sucks. Totally. Up-and-down. It's not fair and not right. But come on, some of the parcour stuff is amazing. Check out some vids on youtube and there is some truly rad stuff that takes some serious athletic skill.

Don't forget, you've also been giving props to scooter riders and rollerbladers. People who live in glass houses.... said...

I did say some of it is amazing, but not these local tools. Freestyle walking has been around for decades. Suddenly they give it a cool name and it's the hottest sh1t since sliced bread. Get the Parkour club together with the Soap Shoe militia and the Heelies gang and you've got the next generation of the X-GAYmes!

...I throw stones all day, everyday!