Sunday Scorcher Session

Damn it was hot yesterday...and humid too! Sean Milnes, Brandon, and I met up to ride the Belltown Park for a bit and hit up some street spots. Sean decided to go big and huck an 8 stair set near my place and blew his back wheel to oblivion! Props to Sean though, he cleared the set and rode it out with a destroyed back wheel flopping around under him! Brandon launched the same set and threw the bars making it the biggest set he's ever bar spinned over. Pretty burly! After the stair session we scooped up Arnwine and headed down to Sean's house in New Haven to drop off the blown up fixie, get his BMX, and ride some street. It was a super hot, mellow session riding around the city shooting at a few spots here and there. Sean was a great tour guide and brought us to some rad spots. Good times in the Elm City with good friends!

Sunday Photos: CLICK HERE

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