2010 Update

I had a few people call me out on some empty promises...well kinda promises...I made earlier in the year. Here is the lowdown:

"New Site Coming Spring 2010": Been riding more and sitting in front of the computer less. Doesn't appear anybody cares much that the site hasn't been revamped, still getting 150+ hits a week. Let's make it "New Site Coming......Probably Not Anytime Soon".

Stems and Sprockets: Long story short, I can't afford the business insurance to cover my a$$ if one of the parts catastrophically fails and you die. No insurance, no parts! A few of us will be running prototypes in the near future...but they'll remain prototypes forever.

Shirts: They'll be here in a few weeks...the new "Dig, Stack, Pack, Ride" shirts in brown. If you can't wait till then, buy an outrageously overpriced one from our CafePress store.

Hats: The past 2 times I ordered black Flex-Fit hats they are on back order. I give up! I'm going back to inexpensive, always in stock, white trash, I.D.G.A.F. screened mesh hats!

Stickers: More on the way!

...any other questions? anything I missed? Bueller....Bueller....Bueller

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