Trails Progress

I started making a lot of progress on my trails late Spring/early Summer this year, but a busy schedule and my crash in August put a halt to that. I spent the whole day Sunday clearing the East Haddam property of leaves and cutting up 2 huge trees that fell across the trails area. I'm so psyched for Spring and its still 4 months away! I'm keeping the trails clean and clear of leaves in hopes that the winter cold, snow, and rain will have direct access to the soft forest floor helping it pack down and toughen up. I'll be back at the house this coming Sunday finishing up the leaf removal, cutting up some more trees and obstacles in the way, and raking rocks and roots from a new 100 yard section of trail that I cut yesterday. Come Spring, I should have a BMX, MTB, and cyclocross friendly trail system on the property with a jumps section, a few wooden bridges, some freeride drops, and a 3/4 mile hiking/riding trail around the property. Should be fun, but its going to take time and hard work to get there.

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