So today was bittersweet, some good and some bad. I found out today that I have a pulled quandricep and IT Band Syndrome, which will be ending my 2008 cyclocross racing. I'm going to be going to physical therapy a few times before I leave to Ireland in hopes that some ultrasound and massage eliminate my limp. I'm so bummed! Honestly, I could of cried when I was told to stay off the bike and not race the Connecticut State Cyclocross Championships this weekend. I'm passionate about my riding and my competitive spirit is second to none. Sitting on the sidelines sucks! Guess I'll have to resort to my alternate outlet Saturday, my camera.

OK, that was my rant of bad news, now the good stuff. T and I headed down to Haven tonight to meet up with Schmidty and Jay. I was supposed to be riding the park tonight, but instead I gimped around and shot some film. It was a chill, low-key session. About a dozen riders going off and having fun! T brought her bike and rode a bit, her first time on the steed in 4 months or so. Stopping by Haven for a few hours helped ease me up.

Check out the photos I shot by CLICKING HERE.

Schmidt taking a spin on the curved wall

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