Selling out until further notice!

My schedule has been nuts trying to balance work, riding, racing, and living a "normal" life. I have put very little time and effort into TYRANT over the past months, cause I've had little free time to dedicate. Instead of letting TYRANT die out, I sold out and opened up a CafePress account. For the next few months you can order tons of clothing and accessories online and I don't have to worry about scrambling to get them done for you. The prices are inflated, only because the printer charges a steep fee and takes a HUGE CUT for their quick turnaround! All the shirts are printed with Direct Printing. CafePress prints direct-to-fabric with no transfers. The result is a matte image that moves with the garment because the ink is actually embedded in the fabric for ultimate wearable comfort. That means greater image staying power. The few bucks I make off of each shirt goes directly into the sticker fund to get more vinyl made up and stuck up all over the East Coast. I'm sure there are a few peeps out there who are going to b!tch at me cause I'm taking away the "home job" aspect of TYRANT, but I promise you its only temporary! I'll still be making the bleached out shirts when people order them and as 2009 and Winter roll in things should slow down a bit allowing me time to get some screens going at home. Thanks for understanding and as always thanks for the support!


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