"Smile and enjoy the ride!"

Taj has a really well written post up on his Transworld blog. The end of the post really hit home for me, especially since I've been hesitant to get back on the BMX bike after my August crash. Take a moment out of your day and go read the whole post. Afterward, take a moment to reflect on how fortunate you are to be able to ride and how fun riding truly is!

"The beautiful thing about BMX, Freestyle, Stunt Riding or whatever you call it is that it’s yours to do what you want with. There is no definition. Don’t loose the magic of riding for the sake of a fad, a trend or a pay check. If Aitken, LeVan, Steven, Jeff Crawn or countless others can get hurt so badly, then any of us can. So, run a few checks on your conscience and make sure you are ok with what you are doing and why since you just never know what’s around the corner. And then, with that out of the way, smile and enjoy the ride!"

I'm sitting here with a toothless ear to ear grin thinking about the end of the work day and the opportunity to ride...and how fun it is going to be! Love life, love your bike, love to ride!

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