The City of Bristol has been saying for years that bikes would be permitted in their new skatepark. The time has come, the grand opening has taken place, and bikes are banned! Cops were at the park writing tickets all weekend and threatening to arrest riders at the grand opening yesterday. Show your support, bikes belong! Come out the skatepark meeting Wednesday and voice your opinion against the close minded officials holding riders down!

When: Wednesday, November 19th (2 days from now!)
Where: Bristol Town Hall - 1st Floor Meeting Room
When: 6:00 PM SHARP!
Why: Cause riders shouldn't be shut out!

Letters have already been written to the Mayor and Parks & Rec. The Park & Recreation Director was confronted on the matter and he walked away like a coward. He knows he screwed up not informing the pubic that a last minute decision was made to ban bikes! It isn't fair, it isn't right, and riders aren't going to stand for it! Riders have worked toward getting a park in Bristol for 6 years, and now the door is being slammed closed in their face!

E-mail the Bristol Park & Rec. via the link below and tell them how you feel. Let them know that bikes belong!


PLEASE NOTE: If we want respect we have to show respect. Refrain from using profanity in any message sent or at the meeting! Keep your cool! Knowledge is power! If we slap them in the face with cold hard facts...they have to listen!

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