Riders Unite!

Great to see so many riders show their faces at the Bristol Skatepark meeting last night...too bad the town blew smoke up our a$$ and prolonged any action until December 2nd. The positive part of last night was the fact that the riders are being listened to, the town is giving them a chance to be heard, and is taking the riders needs into a week and a half! I was also stoked that the Bristol Press and Channel 3 News reported on the issue in favor of the riders! Both news outlets recognize that the riders are being discriminated against and a change needs to be made.


The next week and a half is going to be huge for the BMX riders in Bristol. This is your time to shine, your time to show utmost respect and build your strength in numbers. Keep clear of the park until the December 2nd meeting! If respect is shown now, respect will be earned in the long run! I realize it is far to easy to get into a shouting match when you have dozens of uninformed skaters shooting off at the mouth, but walk away and save your aggression for the December 2nd meeting!

December 2nd @ 5pm @ Bristol City Hall

Sadly, I am going to be in Ireland when this meeting takes place, but I'll be doing my part in the meantime.

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