Yeah Dog!

So check out Shamira, Shawn Hebrank's dog, rocking a TYRANT Dog Sweater....tricycle logo and all! Yeah dog! This is a special order item, so if you want to keep your pooch warm and styling in the trails this Winter contact me! HA HA HA!


shawn hebrank said...

it wasn't this adorable, harmless little baby that chased you around my house, was it? said...

Word to the wise...if the Hebrank's ever ask you to go over their house when they are away to let Shamira out, don't do it!

1. I couldn't even get into the house without here going nuts barking at me
2. When I did get in and was able to let her out she wouldn't come back
3. I spent and hour in the pouring rain chasing that dog with an umbrella.
4. She then proceeded to shit in the house.

Cute alright...
MF-ing dog!