Marking Our Turf!

So T and I finally got the boundaries of the East Haddam property staked out. We were having some issues finding the lower 2 pins of the property, so T called in a professional to take care of the task...for FREE no less! Now that I know exactly what acreage I have to play with the trail building will begin. I am totally altering my plans from early Summer, mainly due to my crash in August. No more huge gap jumps like I envisioned...I can't afford to get hurt again! I'm keeping it simple and realistic...a line of medium sized tables, a pump track, a small six pack, and a 3/4 mile cyclocross/MTB friendly trail...barriers and all! This idea is just coming to life and probably won't be done till late Spring/early Summer 2009, but one can dream in the meantime. I'll be in the woods with the chainsaw and leaf blower this Sunday if anybody wants to come help!

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