I'm sure most of you have heard about the horrible crash Mike Aitken took earlier this week that has left him in a coma and in intensive care. It is horrible to see another amazing rider go down, especially in such a traumatic way! Head over to for the latest updates on Mike's condition and to donate some $$$ to Mike's fund. The dude has no health insurance and is in a world of hurt right now!!! I'm not going to preach cause its not my style, but this should be an eye opener to everyone out there...wear a helmet at the trails! I've heard it time after time, "It's dirt, its soft!"...BS dudes, dirt will kill your dome just like pavement will!!! Chances are things would have been a lot different if Aitken had a helmet on. Get well!

Kids complain about wearing helmets cause they don't look cool, they're big and bulky, they're hot! Personally I think a feeding tube is a lot less cool than a helmet! Smarten up kiddies, it could mean your life!

Aitken killing Haven on the FIT Tour

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