San Fran. Clan

As promised a few weeks ago, a little fixed gear footy from Craig Samuels and his San Fran Clan. I'm currently in the process of working on a crafty new TYRANT creation for Craig and his cronies which will be unveiled sometime before 2009? Until then watch this video over and over and drool, cause this spot looks dope!

Treasure Island Riding 10/12/08 from bikehitscar on Vimeo.


shawn hebrank said...

do you have to be homosexual to ride one of those kinds of bikes?
I'm not joking.
that was the gayest video I've ever seen, and the song didn't help it out any.

Kevin says "put on some Cure, light some candles, slits your wrists for us. send us a text when you're done."

rideTYRANT.com said...

WOW! Craig, your thoughts? You're getting no love from the guys in MinneCRAPolis.

As for my feedback, I dig the video and the spot. Friends riding bikes and having fun! Not everyone's life is 24/7 Vegan butt sex with zucchinis and A & D in the back room of the tattoo shop!

shawn hebrank said...

MPLS is the beginning of and home to the black label bicycle club.

we got riders in sub zero temperatures.

and riding a bicycle with a zucchini in your ass is NOT easy.

rideTYRANT.com said...

Holy sh!t, I didn't have the volume turned up cause I'm in my office. Are you guys really talking trash about "Send Me an Angel"? That is the radest song ever, from the radest movie scene ever, from "RAD"...the 1986 BMX classic.

shawn hebrank said...

well, i'm sure it doesn't sound so wimpy when bmx is going along with it.

rideTYRANT.com said...



rideTYRANT.com said...

...and for the true 80's die hard, this....


Craig said...

Haters around the world unite!

Do you have to be a homophobe to rep MPLS?
I'm not joking, we have fun.

I think I'm going to get my tattoo that hebrank did covered up now :(

Craig said...
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shawn hebrank said...

i just hung up the phone with tony, and i'm laughing so hard i'm crying.

craig, i'm sorry.
Synchronized bike riding isn't my thing.
I'm sure fixed gears are sexy and manly and all of that.
but you met me, you know i'm the least masculine tattooer ever, and all of my friends are gay.
especially the ones who ride fixed gears.

Craig said...

No sorry. Im just messin. Haha.

rideTYRANT.com said...

You're both b!tches!
If you're going to start a blog battle hold your ground...never succumb to the enemy!

Craig said...

But it was a joke to me the whole time... I was laughing when I thought of that homophobe thing.