Sunday Soaker...kinda

So Mother Nature rained out our Sunday Session at "Tiny TYRANT's" backyard ramp. T and I still took a ride out to the Begin's house to drop off the swag I got Brandon at Interbike. Man its tough standing in their kitchen looking at a wet ramp knowing you should of been riding. Oh well, soon enough! Yesterday would have been my first time on the BMX bike since my crash nearly 2 months ago. I'm really looking forward to getting back on the bike, it's been way too long...although I do have some butterflies in my stomach! Hopefully we'll get in a night time street session this week, cause I'm jonesing to ride!

Sunday late afternoon turned out pretty nice! I was sunken into my couch watching the Giant's football game when I noticed the sun was finally breaking through the clouds. So I got up, got suited up, and headed out for a road ride. The roads were pretty much dry, it was a little brisk, but all in all it was a great ride. Gotta' keep working on my cardio and fitness, lots of cross racing ahead.

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