Gloucester Weekend

So T and I will be spending the weekend up in Mass. for the Grand Prix of Gloucester 2 day cyclocross event. Gloucester has one of the gnarliest sand pits in New England, a whole 150 yards of sandy hell, which should also wreak havoc on the 125 rider field. All in all it should be a fun weekend. T is trying to recruit some of her relatives who live in the greater Boston area to come out and check out the event, so I might have a fan club in attendance? Lolli is also making his way up to peddle Ghosthip merch and hopefully race...he's on the "stand by" list because the race is sold out both days. I'm psyched that cross season is finally here!

Update: Tuesday Evening -
So we won't be spending the weekend in Mass., we no longer have a place to stay! I love when things fall through the cracks. I'm thinking I'm just going to race Saturday and blow off Sunday's race. We'll see how things pan out. Wow, what a total drag!!!

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shawn hebrank said...

get a seedy, $40 motel, and do them both.
and win those bitches, kid.
we're rooting for you hard, all the way out here in the midwest.