Fixed Gear Fun

So Tuesday night Lolli, Schmidt, Larry, and I went out and rode around M-Town. Those 3 guys rode their fixed gears and I rolled along on my old school road bike. Fixed gears are all the rage now, they were all over Interbike. It's pretty rad to see the boundaries being pushed on narrow 27" spins, wallrides, etc. You won't catch me on a fixed any time soon, but its rad to tag along and watch. Shot a few wacky photos with my point and shoot which can be viewed HERE.

On the same note, Craig Samuels just sent me a heads up that he is producing a fixed flick out in San Fran. and should be sending some clips my way to post. Keep your eyes peeled.

Also, check out the photo below that was posted on of Jason P. and myself talking about FBM's Sword frame with Big Dave at Interbike. Santa may be bringing me a run single-speed of fixed for me!

Schmidt in the shadows getting rad

Talking Sword's at Interbike
Photo by Steve Crandall. Stolen off of

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