Race 2 - Hartford to New Haven

So the 2nd day of the Kings of New England Weekend was a stage race from Bushnell Park in Hartford to The Devils Gear Bike Shop in New Haven. The route chosen by the event organizer was Rt. 5, the busy Berlin Turnpike a good portion of the way. Matt rode well hanging at the front of the pack the whole way and to my total amazement a fix gear rider from NYC hung the whole way too. Shawn Hebrank donated a $50 gift certificate toward a tattoo sitting at Turnpike Tattoo to the first rider to reach the shop on the south end of the turnpike. Matt and 2 other riders were in a tight pack and Lolli sprinted ahead to win the tattoo voucher. The madness of the day was that Matt and another rider who had a pretty big lead over 3rd place missed a turn literally 200 meters from the finish and Dan the fix gear rider from NYC won the race.

Photos by Jason Patrician

Matt was the 1st man to Turnpike a few feet!

Leaving Route. 5 and headed toward State Street

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dan said...

Hey this is Dan NYC i was wondering if you had more photos of the stage race?
You can e-mail me at
Thanks alot in advance.