Disrespectful Kids

We all know that we can get in trouble for riding street spots if the property owners, cops, etc. really wanted to give us a hard time. I'm sure we've all had a run in or two, but we try to be respectful and session spots discretely so they don't become a bust. Well one of the most fun spots in Middletown, the parking garage (which I've been riding since the 90's), is now dead. Thanks to some ratty dirtbag teenagers littering, breaking the lights in the garage, spray painting all over...ultimately doing thousands of dollars in damage, the barriers have been removed and the parking garage is now off limits. The cops are handing out tickets and taking names so that if you are caught a second time there you are arrested for trespassing. What once was a chill spot to ride, especially to get out of the hot sun,rain, or snow when you're itching to ride, is now a total bust. Thanks jackasses! You ruined it for all of us!!!

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