Pushing my limits!!!

So last night I did a Performance Test with Aidan to see what kind of power my legs can put out and exactly how far I can push myself before I drown my legs in lactic acid. This test also helped determine my heart rate levels for various levels of training. I'm sure I am going to get a few laughs when I show up at the skatepark with my heartrate monitor on, but I'm curious to see exactly how much I exert riding ramps. It was a good time, well if you're a bike junkie like me, and thirve on pushing your limits and a little pain. The funny thing about the whole night was that when I was given my results page Aidan included the results of Lance Armstrong's test to humor me. It appears my legs generate exactly 1/2 the power of Lance's.....but can Lance do an icepick grind or fufanu? :)

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