Best of both worlds!

So this was a crazy week of riding! I rode over 200 miles on my road bike over the course of 6 days, rode the Wethersfield Skatepark for 4 hours one night, and rode street in East Hampton for 2 hours another. It was nice to get out to a park and ride some ramp, its been strictly street riding lately cause I have been training on the road bike while its light out and riding BMX at night. I raced a crit in Naugatuck yesterday and came in 8th out of 50+ riders (only 40 or so finished) in a Cat. 4/5 combined race. I was the 3rd Cat. 5 rider in so that makes me pretty happy! I was 18th a month ago in New Britain so training hard with Aidan is paying off. My trip to Indiana for the race at the Indy 500 is quickly approaching....2.5 weeks and counting!

Thanks to Jason Patrician for the photos!

25 MPH into a hard left turn!

Sprinting to the line!

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