He's alive!...and still killing it!

So after nearly a month of none of us seeing or hearing from Bry Arnwine I get a random 8:47 AM phone call asking if I want to ride. Only Arnwine! So Bry, Charlie, and myself decided to go hit up Wethersfield and the BMX track. What else is new! Right out of the car Arnwine is fufing everything at the skatepark and foot jamming the mini sub box. Later in the day when we made our way to the BMX track it was the same thing. Bry flatted 360ing the first jump at the track so he decided to take Charlie's 4 pegged, brakeless, 40 lb. bike and session any obstacle in site. Check out the photos at Tyrant's Flickr. There is also a video of a random rails slide as well.

The man...the myth...Bryan Arnwine

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