Cromwell River Trails

Steve and I eyed up the old Cromwell River Trails a few weeks ago and it looked like some younger guys have kinda resurrected the place. There was a super small 4 pack with a 1 hitter at the end of it and a few other random jumps here and there. We adventured back to actually ride the place yesterday evening and made a few mods of our own to make the place a bit more fun....hope the locals don't mind. The place has a ton of potential, despite the fact it floods like hell in the Spring. I'm trying to find out who exactly is doing all the digging down there cause Steve and I want to help and get some new lines going. Anybody know the locals? E-mail me or get at me via the TYRANT Facebook link ---->

Cromwell River Trails photos: CLICK HERE

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Mike Slifer said...

Hey, I ride down there, rode down there for like 3 hours today